June 12, 2024

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Orphan Black “The Redesign of Natural Objects”

Season Four, Episode Eight.,

So, Donnie is in prison now.  That’s sure to lead to laughs.

OK, not really.

See, not long after Donnie gets into jail, we see a rather large man show up to threaten him.  And that guy is a Neolution plant.

As such, the episode becomes one of trust.  Alison’s funds are frozen, so does she trust Felix to find her a real lawyer?  Yes.  That would be his drunken biological sister Adele.

Cosima realizes Susan Duncan is her best chance to find a cure for the whatever it is that kills the clones, the very disease that is killing her.  Can she and Sarah trust M.K. to get through to Susan?  Yes, especially since M.K. is also dying of the disease.

Does Cosima trust Susan enough to work with her?  Yes, but Scott draws the line at Rachel and, by extension, Ira, so those two are banished from the conference call.

Does anyone trust Alison?

Now, that’s normally a no-brainer.  Alison may be uptight and strict, but she won’t betray the clones.  Unless, you know, Duko forces her to in order to keep Donnie alive and let him out of prison.

I mean, Mrs. S does take a high-powered rifle to go take him out for killing Kendell.  The only thing that stops her is seeing Alison pull up to talk to him about the whole “Donnie is in jail” thing.  And sure, Alison would rather rehearse for Jesus Christ, Superstar down at the church (at least this time it’s a real musical), and sure, Felix is there to check on her, but when Donnie has the threat of a shiv to the eye, will she cave and give up Sarah’s location?  She sure seems to.

But she doesn’t.  The location she gives up, well, Sarah is there, but so are Art and Mrs. S, and Art has no problems letting Mrs. S torture information about what Neolution is up to after getting Duko to call off the attack on Donnie.  And once Art leaves the building, sure, no one thinks twice about letting Mrs. S kill Duko.

And then we find out if Sarah trusts Susan and co. enough to produce new stem cells for a possible cure by combining her egg cells with Ira’s sperm cells.  She does, and that means Cosima is flying out to the mystery island where Susan is, and where Rachel is seeing some sort of swan hallucination.

Yeah, Rachel may be even less trustworthy than she was before.