April 24, 2024

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American Horror Story “The Sacred Taking”

Coven. Episode Eight.

Are we finally getting somewhere with this one?  Yes, I said the same thing about Asylum, but…wait, I will probably say something like that every season,  Never mind.

Well, it looks like Queenie might be gone for good.  Sure, Madison and Zoe try to get her to come back, but she’s busy collecting livers from rapists and can’t be bothered without tossing off some threats.  She’s with Marie Laveau now.

Still, there’s the Fiona problem.  She’s dying, and Cordelia wants to get rid of her for killing Madison if nothing else.  And then someone shows up at her door, two someones, people scared away from their previous home.  That would be Misty and the revived Myrtle.  Myrtle thinks Misty must be the new Supreme.  They just need to get Fiona to die first.  Suicide would work if they can get her to do that.  Good luck there, but Cordelia has a plan.

She has to get Fiona to feel so bad, first by letting her see Madison is still alive, and then Myrtle, and let Fiona think Madison resurrected herself, then Myrtle, and then guilt Fiona into killing herself.  They even use illusions to show Fiona will only get sicker until even her new boyfriend the Axeman isn’t interested in her anymore.  And this…almost works.

But then Spalding’s ghost shows up to tell her the truth about what’s going on.

Now, you’d think Fiona would be mad.  She actually isn’t.  She’s proud Cordelia had the balls to try it.  But she also has to test Misty, so is there a dead body nearby?

Yeah.  See, Nan went to see Luke next door, but Luke’s super-Christian mama doesn’t want him hanging around no witches.  Nan finds him tied up in the closet, and that came after Mama Joan gave her son what looked like a holy water enema.  And as Nan and Luke try to escape, Nan convinced Luke’s smitten with her (probably not), a sniper shoots inside the house, killing Joan and making Luke comatose.  Nan is unharmed.  Misty is tested, revives Joan, and then passes out.  Cordelia finds the bullet, and her second sight tells her the bullet, made of silver, was intended for the witches.

So, that’s the conflict for the season, right?  Witch hunters?  I mean, can things get worse?

Sure!  Queenie actually takes food to Delphine, and Marie doesn’t want her caged immortal racist getting anything nice.  Sure, Delphine is fairly fearless.  She points out there isn’t much Marie Laveau can do to kill an immortal.  But gosh golly gee whiz, Laveau just calls that a lack of imagination and chops off Delphine’s hand.

And then she delivers Delphine’s head to the witch house.

And it’s still alive.

Wasn’t Laveau the person who made Delphine immortal in the first place?  She can’t reverse that?