April 19, 2024

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American Horror Story “The Dead”

Coven. Episode Seven.

So, there are more than one way to mess up a resurrected frat boy.

See, Kyle isn’t completely Kyle because Zoe and Madison had to mix and match parts before they revived him.   And some of his frat brothers had tattoos.  And now Kyle has them.  Factor that in with the sexual abuse from his mother and the fact he then killed said mother, and you have one messed up guy.

Does Zoe know any of that?  Well, parts of it.  Kyle can’t exactly talk.

Madison, on the other hand, after finding a potion or two to make her not look like a walking corpse, finally finds herself empty.  She eats and never feels full.  She doesn’t feel pain either.  And when she knocks herself into Cordelia, the blind headmistress knows Madison died and came back.  That leads to Cordalia to call Zoe for a chat about killing Fiona, and that leads Zoe to spotting Madison and Kyle having sex.

Oh, and Cordelia also told Hank over the phone he still wasn’t welcome at the house.  Hank sure was heavily armed there…

Now, Zoe being Zoe finds more things, like Spalding’s enchanted tongue, and she was able to put it back inside his mouth and he could talk again, and he had to tell the true and confess that, yes, Fiona killed Madison.  Did he mention it was an accident?  I don’t think so.  But I also don’t think you hire Denis O’Hare to play a mute character.  But then Zoe stabs him, so maybe he can be a talkative ghost.

You know, like the Axeman, who seduced Fiona and took her off to a dead man’s apartment and confessed he’s been watching Fiona since she was a little girl at the Witch House.  And Fiona is both wary and turned on by this.  I still don’t know if she’s a good witch or a bad witch.  Oh, and she’s losing hair.

As for Queenie, she got an offer of clemency from Marie Laveau if she’d just deliver Delphine to Laveau’s beauty shop.  And after asking Delphine what the worst thing she ever did was, and yes it was horrible, well, Queenie has no problem taking her to Laveau.

Is that all the crazy for this episode?  Nah.  After a shower, Zoe joins Madison and Kyle for a threesome because since the two of them are dead, she can’t use sex to kill them, and Madison only feels alive when Kyle has sex with her.

Is this show crazy enough yet?