December 11, 2023

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Titans “Titans”

Season One, Episode One.

OK, so, the trailer for this series got some infamy for a certain line involving Robin uttering a four-letter word about Batman.  And…that’s all people seemed to focus on.  Well, this is a Geek site, so why not look at a blatant Geek series?  And since it comes from DC creator type Geoff Johns and Arrowverse head honcho Greg Berlanti among others, so maybe it will be…well, a somewhat faithful adaptation.

Well, let’s be fair:  this series is something of an odd duck.  It’s a niche series available only on a niche streaming service that can’t possibly have much of a budget to it.  I can’t say I recognize any of the main cast from, oh, anything.  The special effects are a bit sparse but not terrible.  And given where it is, there’s a bit more violence and profanity than anything you’ll see on the CW.

But it also isn’t really a dark angst-fest.  Robin’s infamous line makes a bit more sense in context.  Dick Grayson is working as a police detective in Detroit.  In conversation, he says he was worried about becoming like his old partner, so he left Gotham.  He hasn’t been in Gotham for at least a year, and when he finally does put on his Robin costume to bring down some drug dealers, in what was actually a fairly impressive fight sequence for TV, he’s frustrated because his sudden dramatic appearance was completely lost on his targets by their all looking up and asking if Batman was nearby.

True, Robin’s take-down is rather violent, and some of the guys he took down might be dead, but it’s still impressive and he didn’t need Batman.

Alright, so what’s the basic plot here?

Well, Rachel Roth (you know, Raven) is a scared teenage girl who spends her nights in a bedroom whose door is covered in crosses and is locked from the outside.  Something inside of her is scaring the crap out of her.  She can read her mom’s emotions, and she knows when people lie.  Her reflection sometimes shows a version of herself with blacked-out eyes, and when some bald baddie shows up and kills her mother–who she’s told isn’t really her mother–something leaps out of her and knocks the guy over.  She flees to Detroit, a seemingly friendly woman at the soup kitchen turns out to be less so, and she gets herself arrested to find the boy who she saw in a vision for help.  What was her vision?  A boy trapeze artist watches his parents plunge to their deaths during a show.  And hey, guess what detective comes to talk to her?

Well, that becomes a good thing when a fake cop takes Rachel away to the bald baddie who wants to kill Rachel because of who her father is.  That something comes out of Rachel, jumps down his throat, and then kills him just as Dick shows up to try and save her.

OK, fans of this series know all about Rachel’s father, but still.

Anyway, Dick and Rachel drive off into the night.

Meanwhile, over in Vienna, a woman named Kory Anders wakes up in a car, seemingly with no idea who she is, only to see the crashed car was shot at during an assassination attempt.  Kori gets away, finds a passport with her name, eventually gets back to a fancy hotel where she apparently has been staying in the penthouse, and then ends up killing a guy she had tied up in the closet…with what looks like superhuman strength.  She learns a little more in that she was apparently looking for a girl, and when a local mob boss that she was apparently sleeping with tries to shoot her…she lights up and vaporizes the guy.  Fortunately, she does have most of the photo of that girl still sitting there, and well, it’s Rachel.

Oh, and in Ohio, a tiger with a green tint swipes a video game or two from a local electronics store one night before turning back into a green-haired man.

So, yeah, two Titans for sure are killers, one is a thief, and the third worried he was getting too violent.  Quite the start here…