February 26, 2024

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Maniac “Option C”

Final Episode.

You know something?  That was nice.

What was nice?  The way this thing ended.  Maniac was at times weird, cluttered, and with the occasional reference to the first season of True Detective tossed in as an Easter egg (seriously, someone had a Big Hug Mug in this one), but it ended with what looked like genuine healing for most of the major characters, and not just the ones that went into the drug trial.  James and Azumi are both fired for the whole mess, both get told off, neither are likely to work in the industry again, and James trying to reach out to his mother Greta gets slapped down by her schedule, but they have each other and don’t much care.

Meanwhile, Owen does say he won’t follow Annie, but that won’t stop her from following him after both have cathartic moments with their respective families.  For Annie, that’s a somewhat sweet chat with her dad (hey, it’s Hank Azaria!) about their loses, and he spent his only other appearance on the show sitting inside an isolation cube, so the talk makes both of them come across as mentally healthier.

As for Owen, well, he does go to bat for his brother at that trial before it comes out there’s video footage of Jed being a rapey kind of guy.  And Owen, well, he gets a little flustered and gets sent to a mental hospital by his no-good family.

So, how does it end nicely?  Well, the mini-series does two things.  First, we see Annie get a rent-a-friend to stand in for Owen, but when the guy tries to propose, she lets it be known she doesn’t want a romantic relationship with Owen.

Do you, whatever person reads this, know how refreshing it is for me to see a male and female lead pair not have a romantic pairing?

And the other nice thing?  Sure, Annie goes to get Owen out of the hospital for a proposed road trip to Salt Lake City, the very place she was going to when she had the accident that killed her sister, but she does something smart.  While insisting Owen shouldn’t be in the hospital, she makes it clear he probably should be under medical care for his mental illness, but what he really shouldn’t be is in that particular hospital.

Dude, that’s some fine nuance.

So, two different pairs drive off, one romantic and one just friends.  And…that’s the end.

That was nice.  8.5 out of 10 drunken elves.

OK, so, I need to find something else.  You know, I did get the DC online streaming service for a year’s try-out.  The one series I wanted to see isn’t ready yet.  But another one did finish its first season.  Let’s check out Titans.

If it’s a train wreck, maybe it’ll at least be an entertaining train wreck.