December 1, 2022

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Orphan Black “Human Raw Material”

Season Four, Episode Five.

This episode can best be summed up with the following explanation:  Sarah takes a day off to spend with Kira and Donnie goes undercover at Brightborn.

OK, there is obviously a little more than that, but it still comes down to Too Many Clones running around and causing problems.  Sarah has agreed to spend a day with Kira, so she can’t go undercover herself at Brightborn.  Alison is also busy so she can’t do what she describes as the sorts of things Sarah often does which amounts to going undercover and scowling.  Donnie still needs to go to Brightborn, but he needs a clone to pose as the surrogate mother.

And that means Cosima is going.  She’s feeling better, and she even takes Donnie’s acting advice in stride despite said advice being both stupid and kinda homophobic.  Still, she knows the science, so she can find stuff out.

Bad news:  that woman from the video, Evie Cho, the woman Beth met, is there for the presentation, and she could probably recognize a clone if she saw one.  Cosima is smart enough to keep her face hidden from Evie, so no problem there.

But then Krystal shows up.

Remember her?  The blonde beautician clone who was sexually assaulted by two Castor clones?  The one who doesn’t know she’s a clone?  She’s doing her own half-assed investigation.

This all occurs while Sarah, suspicious that the same agency that found Felix’s sister Adela is part of Neolution, gets a DNA sample from both Adele and Felix for testing and then has a disastrous dinner at Mrs. S’s.  If there’s an upside, it is that Scott’s test prove Adele really is Felix’s sister.

So, what happens back at Brightborn?  Well, Cosima does manage to get a passcard to sneak around downstairs, though this comes after Donnie tells her Krystal is running around and she tells Donnie to get rid of Krystal somehow without telling her what’s going on.  The problem is Cosima got the passcard from Susan Duncan, and while Cosima didn’t recognize Susan, Susan sure figured out which clone she was talking to and sent security to grab Cosima.

But then Donnie screws up with Krystal after learning Krystal is looking into a plan to put weird GMOs into cosmetics, which is what happens when you only know about half at best of what is happening, and she responds with kicking Donnie in the junk and making a run for it.  What did Donnie do wrong?  Realize Krystal knew Delphine and said so out loud.  Fortunately for Cosima, security then grabs Krystal by mistake.  That is soon realized, and Krystal is escorted outside, but not before seeing Ira and freaking out some more.

Cosima should probably freak out as well as she witnesses a Brightborn birth to a badly deformed baby, and then she gets caught by Susan.

Oh, and Kira says she can feel all the Leda clones out there.

So, yes, things are bad, but also funny because Donnie and Krystal both went undercover at the same lab, and that can’t not be funny.

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