May 19, 2024

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2019: Year Of Anticipation

It's our annual appraisal of the coming year in Geek Entertainment. What are we looking forward to in 2019?

2019.  A brand new year.  A brand new batch of Geek Entertainment.

As is our habit, the Geeks gathered a list of things they are looking forward to in the coming year.  What do they want to see in 2019?  See below and find out.


We here at Gabbing Geek love a good movie.  But we don’t know which movies will be any good until they come out.  Still, let’s see what there is to see this year.


What is it?  It’s the sequel to two different M. Night Shyamalan movies, Unbreakable and Split.

Why we’re excited:  Unbreakable came out before people started to hate on Shyamalan and is a pretty good superhero movie that came out before superhero movies were as prominent as they are today.  Split showed something of a return to form for the writer/director.  Glass combines two of the better movies in his filmography.

Why we’re wary:  It’s still M. Night Shyamalan.

Watson says:  I was not a big fan of Unbreakable but Split was a surprise for me.  So I am split on whether I think this one will land. The trailers look good, but we’ll see.

Jimmy says:  I’m a bit worried about Glass.  I wasn’t impressed with the trailer.  But I thought the trailer for Split looked like a disaster, and it was far from it.  I’ll give MNS the benefit of the doubt…for now.


What is it?  Seth Rogen is a guy out to win over his childhood crush played by Charlize Theron, a woman who may become the first female president of the United States.

Why we’re psyched:  Rogen is a likeable guy playing the sort of goofy loser character he’s best known for, and Charlize Theron is a multi-talented actress who can do comedy and play a powerful woman.  What can go wrong?

Why we’re wary:  Rogen’s best work comes when Judd Apatow or his buddy Evan Goldberg is in the director’s chair.  Neither of those guys directed this movie.

Watson says: I am really over Rogen’s comedy.  I don’t remember the last movie I liked him in.  Steve Jobs maybe?

The Lego Movie 2

What is it?  It’s the sequel to the surprise critical and box office hit about the unexpected Master Builder Emmett trying to save the world of Legos again from some threat he almost certainly will never understand.

Why we’re psyched:  The first Lego Movie was a ton of fun which, let’s face it, no one saw coming given it could be mistaken for a very long toy commercial.

Why we’re wary:  Well, we will be expecting it this time, won’t we?  Can it play as well when it isn’t a fresh surprise?

Watson says: This looks like an overreach in efforts to match to thrill of the first one.  I don’t like where they are taking the story…

Jimmy says: I haven’t seen the trailer (this could be a common thread throughout this post), so I don’t know how it looks.  I liked the first one well enough, though Lego Batman was a bit of a let down.  This almost seems like it is too late in coming.  It will have been 5 years since the first one.

Jenny says: Listen, the first Lego Movie was fun, hilarious, and an all around good time. I am cognizant of the ever declining sequel dilemma, but for Lego – we’re not asking for Oscar quality cartoons here… it just needs to be silly. And if it’s anything close, then it will be just fine.

Alita: Battle Angel

What is it?  It’s a live action adaptation of an anime classic.

Why we’re psyched:  Director Robert Rodriguez has proven with Sin City that he can capture the look and tone of various works and can do a good special-effects laden movie.

Why we’re wary:  This movie has been pushed back at least twice for different reasons.  Heck, it was supposed to come out last year, so I just recycled most of what I wrote back then.


Watson says: When movies get delayed twice, they usually stink.  I am guessing this movie is going to get panned.

Jimmy says:  I’m with Watson on this.  I just don’t think anyone will care.  And a February release doesn’t seem to show much confidence from the studio.

Jenny says: I’m calling it right now – I think this movie is going to be trash. Sorry, Robert Rodriguez, but I don’t have faith in this one at all. Next!

How to Train Your Dragon 3

What is it?  It’s the third part in what is probably being billed as the “Dragon Trilogy” involving vikings and dragons living together in harmony until some jerk shows up looking to cause trouble.

Why we’re psyched:  Hey, these movies are well done bits of animated fun!

Why we’re wary:  Hey, I’ve never actually seen any of these.  Look below for someone who has to weight in.

Watson says: I fell asleep during the second one and now that my kids are older, I might get out of seeing this one at all!

Jimmy says:  I don’t think I’ve seen either of the first two…but I have seen WAY too many episodes of the TV show thanks to nieces and nephews.

Captain Marvel

What is it?  It’s Marvel’s first female solo hero film, the latest addition to the MCU.

Why we’re psyched:  Look, has there been a bad MCU first movie?  They’ve been on a hot streak for a while, and it should be at least quite watchable and entertaining.  And Brie Larson is a really good actress.  Jenny has always agreed with that, and we have always been at war with Eurasia.

Why we’re wary:  If anyone has any reason to be wary about this movie at all, best not say so in front of Jenny for their own safety.

Watson says: This movie looks good, but the second trailer wasn’t as solid as the first.  The first installment of MCU solo films are usually decent but get better with the later films. I worry that will be on display here…

Jimmy says: For Jenny’s sake at least I hope this is awesome.  I’ve only seen the first trailer once (and was partially distracted at the time) but it didn’t do much for me.  But outside of a couple of Iron Man sequels, can Marvel do any wrong?



What is it?  It’s Jordan Peele’s follow-up to Get Out.

Why we’re psyched:  Get Out  was a brilliant first feature.  Peele’s follow-up is a highly anticipated work, and he has assembled a hell of a cast.

Why we’re wary:  Well, Peele could be a one-hit wonder, but the other thing is aside from knowing Peele is directing, a vague plot description involving a family have unexpected guests in a vacation house, and who the actors are, we know absolutely nothing about this movie.  That’s a good reason to be wary…or excited.  Take your pick.

Watson says: I don’t know anything about it, but I want to see it based on Get Out alone…

Jimmy says:  Dammit….I have to agree here with Watson…again.

Jenny says: Due to the popularity and love of Get Out, I’m 100% on board with seeing this film. I think that Jordan Peele is on a roll!


What is it?  It’s the story of the real, original Captain Marvel who for copyright reasons can’t be called that anymore.

Why we’re psyched:  Hey, that trailer looked charming as hell, capturing the spirit of the character very well for a modern audience.

Why we’re wary:  Well, it is still a DC movie, and they don’t exactly have a good win percentage as I type this.

Watson says: This movie looks fun and I hope it makes more money than Captain Marvel.  The real Captain Marvel, called Shazam for legal reasons Ryan could explain, was one of my favorite characters growing up.  This approach seems to be a great take on the material and should be a winner.

Jimmy says:  I haven’t seen the trailer, I’ve never been a Captain Marvel, uh, Shazam fan, and the muscle suit looks ridiculous.  That said, I’m hearing a lot of good buzz surrounding it.  I think it may end up as a rental for me though.  We’ll see.

Jenny says: God no. Just…

Pet Sematary

What is it?  It’s a new version of the Stephen King classic novel about a place where the dead stuff that gets buried doesn’t stay dead but also doesn’t come back right.

Why we’re psyched:  It looks cool, and the trailer did have an IT vibe going for it.

Why’re we’re wary:  There are still far more bad King adaptations than there are good ones.

Watson says: One of the worst previews I’ve seen this year. I didn’t like the original and I have no desire to see this one…

Jimmy says:  Growing up, Stephen King was pretty much all I read.  And I’ve seen most of the movie adaptations.  I’ve haven’t seen the trailer (surprise), but do we really need a Pet Sematary remake?


What is it?  It’s a rebooted movie version of the Mike Mignola comic book demon hero.

Why we’re psyched:  It’s being promised as a mature story, with David Harbour taking over the role of the big red guy for Ron Perlman.

Why we’re wary:  The two previous Hellboy movies with Ron Perlman were rather fun, so maybe we should just approach this one with a little wariness.  It’s bound to be different from the beloved previous movies.

Watson says: I liked the first series, but wasn’t a diehard fan.  I’ll see this one, but don’t know what it brings to the table that the Perlman films didn’t achieve.

Jimmy says:  I liked the first two films, though I don’t think I’ve ever read an issue of the comic.  Likely a rental for me as I doubt the Ms. will be interested and not a mountain I’m willing to die on for sure.

Jenny says: I am really looking forward to Hellboy. Mainly because Tom gave me the comic a few years back, and I truly enjoyed the story’s foundation. I might have to wait to see the movie due to a new “bet” I made with the guys about not seeing “remakes” in 2019…but maybe they will forget and I’ll get to enjoy this one when it hits the theaters.

Avengers Endgame

What is it?  It’s the end of Phase 3 of the MCU and the conclusion of the Thanos story.

Why we’re psyched:  Infinity War was an absolute blast, and it’s hard to imagine the second part being anything less as we are no doubt saying goodbye to the original Avengers, together again for the last time.

Why we’re wary:  Well, there are no guarantees in life on anything, so…

Watson says: I haven’t anticipated a film this much since Episode 7.  The pressure on the Russos to deliver a satisfying payoff is huge.  But given their great work in A3, I think they’ll get it done.  As a lifelong DC and Star Wars fanboy, it hurts to admit that the MCU is where it is at.  Make Mine Marvel.

Jimmy says:  Agreeing with Watson making Jimmy angry!  You won’t like Jimmy when he’s angry!  Jimmy smash!  (Except the lifelong DC part, I’ve always been a Marvel Zombie.)

Jenny says: THIS IS IT PEOPLE! «» CAPTAIN MARVEL «»  IS COMING TO SAVE THE DAY! END GAME FOR THE WIN! OMG…. I am so freaking excited about this movie! Need I say more?

Detective Pikachu

What is it?  It’s a live action Pokemon movie.

Why we’re psyched:  The special effects look great in the trailer, and with Ryan Reynolds as the voice of Pickachu, promising some kind of smart ass attitude for the title character?  What can go wrong?

Why we’re wary:  Truthfully, a lot of things can go wrong, and speaking for myself, I can’t get really excited about a Pokemon movie no matter who is voicing the main character.

Watson says: The trailer looked hilarious.  I am surprised to say I am looking forward to a Pokemon movie…

Jimmy says:  I won’t be seeing this.  Ever.  I don’t get the deal with Pokemon, but if the short-lived(?) hype over Pokemon Go is any indication, people still want to catch them all.

Jenny says: Dude – squish his cheeks and call it a day. So freaking cute. Of course I’m going to see this movie – who can resist that face?

John Wick 3

What is it?  It’s the next installment of the John Wick story.

Why we’re psyched:  Because this series is surprisingly awesome, and watching Keanu Reeves’ John Wick creatively kill all kinds of people in a bizarre underworld is just the sort of movie that hits the pleasure center of the brain and doesn’t let go.

Why we’re wary:  Well, he can’t kill everybody, and now everybody is looking for him, right?  Right?

Watson says: This is my guilty pleasure franchise.  I can’t wait to see it and don’t even care what the Rotten Tomatoes score is!

Jimmy says:  I loved the first one.  I enjoyed the second though it felt a bit too much like they were just setting things up for this film.  I’ll still be checking it out though.

Jenny says: He’s coming to get you Barbara…. and I can’t wait!


What is it?  It’s a biopic of singer Elton John.

Why we’re psyched:  Taron Egerton looks a lot like his Kingsman 2 co-star, and the trailer looks to be a the good kind of trippy.

Why we’re wary:  Biopics are a dime a dozen and often full of cliches.  Is this one just trying to ride a Bohemian Rhapsody train?

Watson says: I love Elton John, so I will say the same thing I said about the enjoyable Bohemian Rhapsody:  Even if it stinks, I get to listen to great music for two hours!

Jimmy says:  I like Queen a hell of a lot more than Elton John, and I haven’t seen Bohemian Rhapsody yet, so I doubt I’ll be watching this anytime soon.

Jenny says: Honestly, I’m looking forward to debating who’s the best single act in rock-n-roll with the fellas on the podcast more than I am actually seeing Rocketman. But hey, it’s probably going to be fun – so bottoms up! (heh)

Ad Astra

What is it?  A man goes searching for his father, a man who disappeared on an expedition years earlier.  Oh, and the expedition was to Neptune.

Why we’re psyched:  Brad Pitt as the son and Tommy Lee Jones as the father in a sci-fi epic from the director of The Lost City of Z?  That could work out quite well.

Why we’re wary:  I never actually saw The Lost City of Z.  Watson did, and when I asked him about it, he just stared off into space and muttered, “The horror…the horror…”

Watson says: True.  That movie sucked.  This one doesn’t sound like a winner.  The title sounds like a Pharmaceutical company and now I want to ask my doctor about my seasonal allergies.

Jimmy says:  This is literally the first mention I have ever heard of this movie.  Does anyone care about Brad Pitt movies anymore?

Godzilla King of the Monsters

What is it?  It’s a sequel to the surprisingly good American Godzilla movie from 2014

Why we’re psyched:  That actually was a pretty damn good Godzilla movie, one that showed the size and power of Japan’s most popular kaiju.  This one adds Rodan, Mothra, and King Ghidorah.

Why we’re wary:  Are they gonna toss in every popular giant monster into this one?  C’mon!  Save some for the next one!

Watson says: I just don’t think this is going to be big. Heheheh.  Big….

Jimmy says:  I still haven’t seen the 2014 Godzilla, even with all the positive reviews.  I did see Kong: Skull Island, which was a perfectly passable popcorn movie.  I’d like to see this, but it could be awhile.

Jenny says: Honestly? I don’t get the draw to this monster movie franchise. #NotMyMonster.

Men in Black International

What is it?  It’s a London-based Men in Black sequel with Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth as the new agents keeping an eye on aliens hidden on Earth.

Why we’re psyched:  Thompson and Hemsworth are fun actors who had great chemistry in Thor Ragnarok.  Plus, this movie also has LIAM NEESON!

Why we’re wary:  Men in Black is a lot like Jurassic Park:  we only really needed one.

Watson says: It has LIAM NEESON!?  I’m there.  Otherwise, this franchise doesn’t excite me.  The original was memorable, but it wasn’t exactly a great movie…

Jimmy says:  I loved the first one, but the sequels could be done without.  I haven’t seen the trailer (I think there is a trailer) but Hemsworth has really proven his comedic chops, so I’m interested.  (And his presence will make it easier to convince the Ms. to go.  Though that didn’t work out so good for her with Cabin In The Woods…)

Jenny says: Men in Black is kind of my guilty pleasure franchise. I don’t like saying that I like it, but I do. And now that Thor and Valkyrie are teaming up to kick some alien ass, you can count me in for this reboot!

Toy Story 4

What is it?  It’s the next installment in Pixar’s most critically successful series.

Why we’re psyched:  The Toy Story movies may be the rare series where the movies get better with  each installment.  Plus, that one trailer debuted a new pair of toys voiced by Key & Peele.  That’s about all we know about it right now, truth be told.

Why we’re wary:  OK, if the point of these movies was to watch the toys deal with Andy growing up, what do they do now that Andy has grown up and left them already?

Watson says: Ugh.  Why make this movie?  Part 3 was a perfect ending.  I hope it is great, but it is almost as bad as if Hugh Jackman resumed the role of Logan…

Jimmy says:  A trip to the well one too many times?  It will be hard to top the original trilogy, but if anyone is up to the task, it’s Pixar.

Jenny says: Sorry Disney – I’m tired of Toy Story sequels. I’ll probably wait to see this when it hits the digital downloads.

Spider-Man:  Far from Home

What is it?  It’s the next Spider-Man movie set in the MCU.

Why we’re psyched:  Homecoming was a nice return-to-form for the wallcrawler.  Tom Holland made a good Peter Parker, and the story fit the sort of scale that Spider-Man needs.

Why we’re wary:  …well, I guess he’s feeling better now, Mr. Stark…

Watson says: Holland is the best Spidey ever. I am stoked for this movie and hope they don’t hit a sophomore slump.

Jimmy says:  Wait!  What!?!  I thought Spidey died in Infinity War?!?!  Wow, I am super shocked and surprised that he will return!!!

Jenny says: I cannot wait to see Tom Holland reprise his role as Peter Parker. Homecoming was excellent, and I have high hopes for this installment as well!

Lion King

What is it?  It’s another “live action” Disney remake of one of the studio’s beloved classics, even if this one isn’t actually live action.

Why we’re psyched:  Director Jon Favreau did a really good job with the live action Jungle Book, and this one just has one less prominent human in the cast.

Why we’re wary:  OK, Disney, enough of this live action remakes already!

Watson says: Of the three live-action films next year, I think this one is the most successful, but I am not really in need of seeing it.  I’ve seen the original.  I have seen the Broadway adaptation.  I don’t need a third iteration.

Jimmy says: OK, Disney, enough of this live action remakes already!

Jenny says: Another Disney live action reboot? Yawn….though….Simba does look adorable.

Artemis Fowl

What is it?  It’s a live action adaptation of a popular YA series about a genius boy who battles fairies or something.

Why we’re psyched:  It could be the next Harry Potter!

Why we’re wary:  It could be the next Percy Jackson!

Watson says: It won’t be…

Jenny says: Read the book.

IT Chapter 2

What is it?  It’s the conclusion to the adaptation of one of Stephen King’s most popular doorstoppers.

Why we’re psyched:  The actors cast as the adult Losers is rather impressive, the first chapter was great, and now Pennywise is back for more creepy clown action.

Why we’re wary:  There’s a really good chance this one could get really ridiculous depending on how faithful this is to the original novel.

Watson says: I can’t wait to see it sitting right next to Jenny!

Jimmy says:  I may be alone in preferring the 1990 TV movie to the first film in this modern adaptation.  I’ll let you know what I think about this one when I see it in 2020.

Jenny says: I can’t wait to punch Watson!

Zombieland 2

What is it?  It’s a sequel to the zombie comedy that dared to kill Bill Murray.

Why we’re psyched:  The first one was rather fun, and they got the original cast back to this sequel.  You know, except Bill Murray.

Why we’re wary:  It took HOW long to make another?  Is that ever a good sign if it isn’t Blade Runner or The Hustler?

Watson says: I am surprised this one is finally making this followup.  The four cast members are about as A-List as they come (all Oscar nominees; one a winner), so I hope they give them something new and fresh to do instead of re-treading the material from the first.

Jimmy says:  I loved the first one.  I don’t know much yet about this follow up, but I’m definitely looking forward to it.  I have my doubts it can live up to the first one which seemed more like a catching lightening in a bottle situation.

Jenny says: Don’t forget the double-tap.

Gemini Man

What is it?  It’s the story of a world weary assassin who finds himself facing his greatest threat:  a younger clone of himself.

Why we’re psyched:  Ang Lee is directing Will Smith on this one!

Why we’re wary:  Ang Lee directing means there’s a good chance this will be a quiet, contemplative movie about an emotionally closed-off person.  That may not be what the audience is looking for in a movie about an assassin facing off against his younger clone.

Watson says: Ang Lee is usually solid when not making a Hulk movie.  I am cautiously optimistic about this one.

Jimmy says:  I think Tom and I just watched this a couple of weeks ago when it was called Looper.

Terminator 6

What is it?  It’s another Terminator movie, though this time Jenny may know why Sarah Connor is awesome.

Why we’re psyched:  Linda Hamilton came back for this one, and I’ll bet she’s aged better than Arnold.

Why we’re wary:  When was the last time there was a good Terminator movie?

Watson says: I have no desire to see any more from this series.  It is dead…

Jimmy says:  I’ll be there.  Ryan and I might be the only people around that liked Terminator: Genisys.  Arnold is back, Hamilton is back.  From the director of Deadpool.  Cameron is involved in this sequel to T2 that ignores the rest. But what is up with that photo above?  That worries me a bit.

Jenny says: Another remake? Pass.

Kingsman 3

What is it?  It’s the next installment of the James-Bond-on-crack spy movie series.

Why we’re psyched:  Questionable politics aside, these movies are always a lot of weird fun and excitement that shouldn’t be taken seriously for a second.

Why we’re wary:  Isn’t this one a prequel?

Watson says: Apparently there is a prequel and a sequel due but I am not sure they will come out next year. Both installments have been fun, so I am down for more.

Jimmy says:  But I still haven’t seen the second one yet…

Jenny says: Like Men In Black, this series is kind of a guilty pleasure for me. I don’t care that they are corny or stupid. It’s a fun ride – like Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride at Disneyland. You know it’s going to be 3 minutes of actual fun, but who cares?

Frozen 2

What is it?  It’s the next installment to one of the biggest Disney hits in ages.

Why we’re psyched:  Didn’t everyone just love Frozen?

Why we’re wary:  Speaking for myself, I didn’t.  But that’s mostly because I haven’t actually seen it yet aside from that far too long, godawful twenty minute short before Coco.

Watson says: Who is that woman in the picture with Elsa???

Jimmy says:  I haven’t seen Frozen and I don’t even know what song that the Geeks went on and on  and on and on about in a recent podcast as being one of the best movie songs of all time.

Jenny says: DAMN IT, WATSON – IT’S ANNA!

Jumanji 2

What is it?  It’s a sequel to a movie that was a lot better than many would have expected.  Heck, some people actually ranked the original ahead of Thor Ragnarok for some reason.

Why we’re psyched:  You know, that first one was about as close as we may ever get to a good video game movie.  Seeing more of that sort of thing is promising.

Why we’re wary:  Did the same four kids get sucked into the same video game again?  That sure is clumsy.

Watson says: There is little hope the sequel lives up to the standard of the first one, so I expect a repetitive take, playing all the greatest hits…

Jimmy says:  There is definitely a high potential for sequelitis here, but the first one was surprisingly great.  Not better than Thor: Ragnorok great, no one of sound mind and body would think that, but still great.


Star Wars Episode IX

What is it?  You need to ask?

Why we’re psyched:  While the various Star Wars spin-off movies may be more of a mixed bag, the main story has been great.  And while Rian Johnson’s The Last Jedi may have been a bit…controversial, J.J. Abrams is back in the director’s chair to conclude the trilogy he started with The Force Awakens.

Why we’re wary:  Abrams’ movie was fine, but also a near remake of the original movie.  At least Johnson was trying to bring some new ideas into Star Wars.   And I really liked The Last Jedi.

Watson says: Come on, Star Wars! You are 0-2 the last two years.  Get your shit together.  I want a good film in a galaxy far, far away!

Jimmy says:  I really need to watch Last Jedi again.  I’ve only seen it once and felt I sat inbetween the haters (Watson) and the lovers (Ryan, Tom…).  I’m really not overlly excited for this, which just seems wrong for a Star Wars film, but that is where we are.

Jenny says: I might have just cried thinking about this. Rey is my sunshine, and I cannot wait to see her Jedi powers come to full force!


What is it?  It’s another live action Disney remake of an animated classic, this time from Tim Burton.

Why we’re psyched:  If nothing else, Burton’s movies have a dark aesthetic to them that is bound to make the “Pink Elephants” sequence even creepier.

Why we’re wary:  Trailers show the new one is deviating from the plot in a lot of ways, removing the voice of the movie from a mouse in a ringmaster’s suit to a bunch of human characters which is weird because there really weren’t that many human characters given much to do in the original.  Why, Disney, why?

Watson says: Who wants to see this movie?  Who is this for?

Jimmy says: OK, Disney, enough of this live action remakes already!

Jenny says: Anyone who’s excited for this cry machine of a movie is a masochist.


What is it?  It’s another live action Disney remake of one of its animated classics.  Is there an echo in here?

Why we’re psyched:  If nothing else, director Guy Ritchie is bound to give Aladdin’s various heists the sort of energy he brings to the crime movies he’s made in the past.

Why we’re wary:  Guy Ritchie directed this?  Seriously?  Plus, Will Smith is a lot of things, but he isn’t Robin Williams.

Watson says: Of the three live action films, this is the one I am closest to wanting to see.  Sure I have seen the original and the Broadway musical, but this has some interesting opportunities.

Jimmy says: OK, Disney, enough of this live action remakes already!

Jenny says: For the love of Genie, Disney! Why!?

Fighting with my Family

What is it?  It’s a comedy based on a true story about two siblings, both pro wrestling fanatics, who audition for the WWE, and only one, the sister, gets in.

Why we’re psyched:  Personally, I might have disregarded it except for the fact that British comedian Stephen Merchant wrote and directed this.  The cast looks pretty impressive and includes Dwayne Johnson, a man who apparently doesn’t sleep, as himself.

Why we’re wary:  Why do I suspect Johnson only has about five minutes of screen time given his prominence in the trailer?

Watson says: This actually looks passable for an early year film.  If this can score a 6 out of 10, I will call it a win.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix

What is it?  It’s possibly the last X-Men movie before the Merry Mutants rejoin the MCU.

Why we’re psyched:  All things being equal, the X-Men movies haven’t been that bad.

Why we’re wary:  This one did get pushed back quite a bit, most likely due to difficulties getting the very prominent cast members back for reshoots, but still…

Watson says: Time for a reboot in the MCU.  This series has lost its momentum.

Jimmy says:  I hated Apocalypse.  I don’t have high hopes for this.  The sooner they get folded into the MCU the better.

Jenny says: Secretly, I think Marvel has a hand in this, and it will tie in with what happens with End Game. I’m cautiously curious.

Cold Pursuit

What is it?  It’s the annual LIAM NEESON cheesy action movie that usually gets a January release…but this one is coming out in February.

Why we’re psyched:  LIAM NEESON!

Why we’re wary:  In February!

Watson says: LIAM NEESON!  I am not sure I can buy him in February, but I will try.  I love that trailer plays as a comedy instead of a serious actioner.  This movie looks like a fun, dumb turd.


What is it?  It’s a James Gunn-produced twist on a very recognizable story.

Why we’re psyched:  Have you seen the trailer?  I was thinking it looked really familiar, and then there was an unexpected twist to tell us this story is less familiar than I would have thought.

Why we’re wary:  Gunn is producing, not writing or directing.

Some Netflix originals…

The Irishman

What is it?  A mob movie from Martin Scorcese and Robert De Niro.

Why we’re psyched:  Scorcese is directing his original muse in another mob movie, and they brought along Al Pacino, Joe Pesci, and Harvey Keitel, among others.

Why we’re wary:  We’ll want it to be another Goodfellas, but no matter how good it is, it won’t be another Goodfellas.

Watson says: Scorcese on Netflix?  That’s a good get. Why is this under a different heading?  Movies are movies.  Medium no longer matters.


What is it?  It’s an adaptation of a Dark Horse noir crime comic.

Why we’re psyched:  Because lead actor Mads Mikkelsen is awesome!

Why we’re wary:  I’ve never heard of this comic before.  That doesn’t mean anything in the grand scheme of things, but I’m just not familiar with this one.

Watson says: I like indie comic noir, but how often do they translate to a good film?  A special story in comic form is one of many in film form.

6 Underground

What is it?  I…have no idea aside from two things.

Why we’re psyched:  It stars Ryan Reynolds!

Why we’re wary:  It’s directed by Michael Bay!

Watson says: It stars Ryan Reynolds!  It’s directed by Michael Bay!

The Central Park Five

What is it?  It’s a documentary from director Ava DuVaernay about the five men wrongfully imprisoned for rape and given decades in prison until DNA evidence freed them.

Why we’re psyched:  A well-done documentary by a talented filmmaker on a sobering subject can be very informative on many levels.

Why we’re wary:  You probably don’t want to see something like this if you don’t like getting angry because of real world injustice.  Plus, documentaries sadly aren’t for everyone.

Watson says: Despite being acquitted, Trump said they should still be executed.  Maybe he can watch this film in his jail cell…


Game of Thrones

What is it?  It’s the final season of HBO’s massive hit fantasy epic.  But you knew that.  Don’t worry.  Soon your Facebook feed will have people posting how proud they are to have never seen an episode.  Is that something to brag about?  Seriously?  You don’t see me bragging about never seeing an episode of This is Us.

Why we’re psyched:  We all love Game of Thrones around here, a show where recognizable fantasy tropes are frequently turned on their heads, showing people in a fantasy world acting more like real people and not the more black-and-white figures usually seen in this genre.  It will be big and it will rock as the show grinds to its inevitable conclusion.

Why we’re wary:  Anything that gets this psyched up could very easily disappoint rabid fans with a less-than-spectacular ending, or at least something the fans inexplicably don’t like for some reason.  And there were a couple folks around here who found the last season a bit of a let down.

Watson says: Please be great.  Please be great. Please be great. I am little worried about my favorite show after Season 7, but hopefully Season 8 rallies and goes to the all time list.

Jimmy says:  I’m the Game of Thrones newbie here, but I had no issues with Season 7.  Maybe because I watched all the seasons right in a row and didn’t have the months of anticipation leading up to the penultimate season.  Either way, I can’t wait!

Jenny says: OH DEAR GOD THIS IS GOING TO BE EPIC… I mean, I hope it’s Epic…. um… please be epic?


What is it?  It’s HBO’s entry into the superhero world with an adaptation of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ masterpiece in the genre.

Why we’re psyched:  The movie version was only so-so, and a big budget TV version would probably be a good idea in order to really take its time telling the story.  Plus, the series seems to be more about the world the series is set in and not just the story of the series.

Why we’re wary:  Watchmen might be unadaptable.  It’s the sort of story that was designed to be told in a comic book, and as such, it may not adapt well to a different medium.  I mean, Zach Snyder’s movie got the look and many of the story details right, but it sure missed the themes and the tone of the book.  Can any TV show hope to do it right?

Watson says: FUCKING JIMMY!

Jimmy says:  I’ll watch this, but am expecting a massive train wreck.  From what I have heard, this is a SEQUEL and takes place after the end of the original comic series.  That doesn’t make me feel better about it.

Jenny says: Yo – this is going to be rad. I can’t be any worse than Inhumans, right?

The Walking Dead

What is it?  It’s AMC’s monster hit series about zombies and the people who fear them.

Why we’re psyched:  Who doesn’t love a good zombie-bashing time?

Why we’re wary:  Aside from Jimmy, I don’t know if anyone here still watches the show.  Plus, lead character Rick Grimes was killed off this season and ratings have been dropping.  This show might have jumped the shark and could be done very soon.

Jimmy says:  Geez Tom…spoilers or something.  It will be interesting to see what happens to TWD in 2019.  A new showrunner has done wonders for season 9.  And they are set to adapt a major storyline from the comics, but at the same time, are more divergent from the source material than ever.

Jenny says: I gave up on Walking Dead about a year ago. Good for them for still going. I guess.

The Good Place

What is it?  It’s a comedy about the afterlife and the people who go there.

Why we’re psyched:  Because it’s awesome!  How many sitcoms not only offer good laughs and cool characters but also teach philosophy and ethics?

Why we’re wary:  We’re not, forking shirt-for-brains.

Watson says: Fine!  I am going to watch it!

Jimmy says:  Wahhooo!

Jenny says: This show is so freaking wonderful. Janet is truly the best character on the show, and ultimately keeps me coming back for more. I hope they keep pushing the limits and bounds of storytelling!

Big Mouth

What is it?  It’s an animated series from Netflix about growing up and hitting puberty.

Why we’re psyched:  Comedian Nick Kroll based the series off his own childhood.  And not only does he voice a character based off himself, he’s surrounded by a lot of top comedic talent to make the sort of animated show that anyone who has been through puberty can probably relate to.

Why we’re wary:  Watson and Jenny both like this one.  That can be rather ominous…

Watson says: It’s funny but the same sex jokes get a little old…

Jimmy says: I haven’t watched season two yet, but really enjoyed season one.  It won’t be for everyone though.

Jenny says: I’m gonna-take-a-bubble-bath while watching the new season. I love it!

Locke and Key

What is it?  It’s Netflix’s adaptation of Joe Hill’s horror comic.

Why we’re psyched:  Hill’s story, where a family moves into a house full of magic keys that cause nothing but trouble for the members of the Locke family.

Why we’re wary:  Netflix also gave us an adaptation of Hill’s novel Horns.

Watson says: I was so disappointed when the first take on this failed to green light the pilot. I think Netflix can do this really cool story justice. If it is five seasons and ten episodes, I could see myself watching the whole damn thing!

A Series of Unfortunate Events

What is it?  It’s the last season of Netflix’s adaptation of the popular Lemony Snicket YA novel series.

Why we’re psyched:  It’s a creative, surreal series with a lot of cool word play and the occasional song (not counting the one in the opening credits) from series star Neil Patrick Harris.

Why we’re wary:  This may be the one kid series that could be ruined by a happy ending.

Watson says: I will probably binge this series when it is done.  I’ve heard great things from the Claytons, Collins, and Betsys of the world.


What is it?  It’s the zombie comedy murder procedural show in its final season.

Why we’re psyched:  This one is a show that tended to fly under the radar and somehow kept getting renewed as zombie Liv Moore discovered that since eating human brains caused her to take one the memories and personalities of the people who used to have said brains, she could use that horrible gift to solve murders.  It’s all coming to a head now for Liv and the city of Seattle.

Why we’re wary:  This show went a bit all over the map in its previous season.  Can they wrap everything up in a neat little bow?

Jimmy says:  It’s been slowly trending down, but manages to keep inventing itself.  The seasons are short and you almost forget about it when it isn’t on, but I hope they are able to wrap things up acceptably.

The Mandalorian

What is it?  It’s a live action Star Wars series about the people who made Boba Fett’s armor.  Maybe.

Why we’re psyched:  It’s coming from Jon Favreau, and it is about if not the famous bounty hunter himself, then it is about one of the more mysterious and tantalizing peoples from the Star Wars universe.

Why we’re wary:  Could we be getting too much Star Wars?  Just because Disney is maybe holding back this stuff from the big screen doesn’t mean it’s getting fixed by putting it on the small screen.

Watson says: There is some great casting and creative talents, but I am just not sure it doesn’t become the guest star of the week to try to bring in the rest of the SW universe…

Jimmy says:  I know little more than what has been said above, but you know we’ll all be watching.

Jenny says: Oh lawwwdy – GIVE ME ALL THE STAR WARS! I’m psyched for this!


What is it?  It’s the Disney corporation’s promised streaming service that will have shows from all of the company’s many properties, including Marvel, Pixar, and Star Wars (for example, see above).

Why we’re psyched:  We’re probably getting some MCU stuff, and having all of Disney’s various stuff in one convenient place would make it easier to find family-friendly stuff of all kinds.

Why we’re wary:  Do we really need yet another streaming service?

Watson says: I will be adding this to my monthly bill….

Jimmy says:  The announced Marvel shows so far (Loki, Vision and the Scarlet Witch, and possibly a “who yields the shield?” show starring Winter Soldier and Falcon) have me very interested.  And I’m hoping that they are able to ressurect and do justice to the former Netflix shows in the near future since most of them have been disastrous.  YMMV.

Jenny says: Yup – take all my money.

Young Justice Outsiders

What is it?  It’s the long-awaited third season to the fantastic Young Justice animated series.

Why we’re psyched:    Young Justice rivals the various shows of the DCAU as the best DC animated material ever produced, and its abrupt cancellation really sucked.  Getting this show back was a real gift to fans.

Why we’re wary:  It’s only going to be available on the DC Universe streaming service, and even though I personally signed up for it just to give it a shot for one year, well, it may not be worth it for one show (see below).

Watson says: I will be adding the DC service to my bill for a weekend to binge this series…

Stranger Things

What is it?  It’s Netflix’s popular series about a bunch of ordinary folks in 1980s small town Indiana dealing with monsters from another dimension.

Why we’re psyched:  This is the show that somehow taps that 80s vibe while still being really original in many ways.  It’s a tribute to the 80s telling its own story and not a reference machine.

Why we’re wary:  Remember that one episode from season two?  You know which one I am talking about.  What if the whole season is like that one?

Jimmy says:  I think a few people around here liked Season Two more than Season One.  I don’t think it was even close.  Two had THAT episode, as well as seemed to get away from the two things that made the first season so great: the interaction of the kids and the seemsless 80’s integration.  Season one felt like you took a movie from the 80’s and popped it in your VCR, while season 2 felt more forced and more “hey look, another cool 80’s reference”.  Either way, you know I’ll be watching.

Jenny says: I don’t care what they do with this – it’s new, it’s fresh, we haven’t had anything like this on TV in a decade, so bring on more Stranger Things. Whatever they want to do with the story if fine by me.


What is it?  It’s most of the CW’s superhero line, all based on books from DC Comics.

Why we’re psyched:  The four shows all more or less respect their source material and tell some good superhero stories on a budget much smaller than, say, anything Disney or Netflix is willing to put out.  Each show has a different feel, and even though some people around here complain about crossovers…man, one a year is hardly a huge number of episodes.

Why we’re wary:  Some of the shows are not what they used to be.  Supergirl is bouncing back from a lot of behind-the-scenes problems and can be the most overtly political for those who don’t care for such things.  The Flash doesn’t quite reach the lighthearted fun it did for its first season.  Arrow may have run too long at this point.  But hey, Legends of Tomorrow is always fun.

American Gods

What is it?  It’s the continuing adventures of gods in America, olds ones battling the new, and the hapless mortals who are stuck in the middle.

Why we’re psyched:  Season one was a visual treat with a great cast.  Why wouldn’t we want to see more of Ian McShane’s bombastic Mr. Wednesday?

Why we’re wary:  There were major upheavals behind the scenes as original series creators Bryan Fuller and Michael Green both left.  Why?  There were reports it was about the network not paying out the money they wanted, or they were feuding with author Neil Gaiman because they wanted to be less faithful to the source material. And then actors Gillian Anderson and Kristin Chenoweth also quit.  There’s a good chance this will be nothing like the show it was when last we saw it.

The Boys

What is it?  It’s a TV adaptation of the Garth Ennis comic about the guys who take care of superheroes who go too far in a world where superheroes always go too far.

Why we’re psyched:  Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg also adapted Preacher for the small screen, so they have experience with Ennis’ work, and since this is for Amazon Prime, it can get away with a lot more than basic cable could hope for.  Plus, Karl Urban is Billy Butcher and Wee Hughie’s visual inspiration Simon Pegg is appearing as Hughie’s father.

Why we’re wary:  Ennis’ original series had a lot of characters who were basically thinly disguised versions of various DC and Marvel heroes.  How faithful can this show be?

Good Omens

What is it?  It’s an adaptation of the Neil Gaiman/Terry Pratchett novel about the apocalypse and the forces that try to stop it because the Earth is a rather nice place to live.

Why we’re psyched:  David Tennant and Michael Sheen as an demon and an angel, respectively?  Sounds like a good start, and the original novel is pretty damn good.

Why we’re wary:  A lot of Pratchett’s humor really works best on the printed page.

Jenny says: My boyfriend David Tennant is in this. What more do you need people?

The Witcher

What is it?  It’s a TV adaptation of the popular video game.

Why we’re psyched:  It’s a simple premise, near as I can make out:  Henry Cavil is a guy with Targaryen hair who kills monsters.  What can go wrong?

Why we’re wary:  Has there ever been a good video adaptation of a video game?  The movies haven’t gotten it right.  Has TV?

You know, besides this.

Jimmy says:  I’ve never played the game, but does anyone care about this?

Jenny says: My boyfriend Henry Cavil is in this… yes, I have two boyfriends. Him and David Tennant get along great. What more do you need?

What We Do in the Shadows

What is it?  It’s a TV series based on the hilarious comedic fake documentary about vampires living in the modern world.

Why we’re psyched:  The original movie’s creators, Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement, are behind this one.  That’s promising, and the trailers look amusing.

Why we’re wary:  It’s following different characters from the original movie.

Jimmy says:  I started this movie, but the Ms. HATED it and I still haven’t seen beyond the first 20 minutes.  I should remedy that.

Super Drag

What is it?  It’s an animated series about a trio of superhero drag queens from Netflix.

Why we’re psyched:  Io9 said it best: “With a socio-political backdrop to it, there’s a boldness to Super Drags’ willingness to be an unabashedly outspoken celebration of the glittery, campy aspects of queer culture that have become more popular with mainstream audiences.”

Why we’re wary:  Some dick jokes might turn people away from giving it a chance.

Jenny says: It’s about time we had a cartoon that tackled complicated concepts like drag in a non-complicated way. This show looks amazing, and I cannot wait to see what they do to start breaking down barriers to what people think is fringe, but is honestly just as normal as anything else out there.

The Handmaid’s Tale

What is it?  It’s Hulu’s adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s dystopian society where religious fundamentalists take over the United States and do horrible things to women.

Why we’re psyched:  This is a beautiful show about a depressing society and the little things the oppressed to do to keep themselves going and hopeful.

Why we’re wary:  The series has worked well past Atwood’s original work, and it may be trying to do a little too much.  I can only work up so much sympathy for Serena Joy and nothing happening in Canada seems all that vital.

The New Pope

What is it?  It’s the continuation of The Young Pope, where a relatively young Jude Law is elected Pope and struggles with his faith after a traumatic childhood.

Why we’re psyched:  The Young Pope was one of the most visually interested shows in a long time, telling its story symbolically as much as literally.

Why we’re wary:  No reason, but this sort of show just isn’t for everybody.

The Lord of the Rings

What is it?  It’s Amazon trying to get its own Game of Thrones.

Why we’re psyched:  The Lord of the Rings is the original epic fantasy, and it has a lot of name recognition already.  Plus, Amazon seems committed to spending a lot of money on it.  Additionally, a TV version creates the chance to really explore all kinds of corners of Middle Earth that even a three hour movie won’t have the time to do.

Why we’re wary:  No matter what it does, it will be compared to the movie trilogy.

Watson says: It needs to be much better than the Hobbit series…

Jimmy says:  This will need to be one of the best shows in the history of history to stand up to the scrutiny it will face in comparison to Game of Thrones and the original film trilogy.  I’ll probably check it out, but expectations are low.

Jenny says: Anything that takes me back to Tolken is fine by me!

The Wheel of Time

What is it?  It’s Amazon trying to get its own Game of Thrones.

Why we’re psyched:  Author Robert Jordan’s own epic fantasy series was actually finished…even if Brandon Sanderson had to finish it off when Jordan passed on.

Why we’re wary:  Casual fans may not be too pleased at how much Jordan’s series embraced the very tropes Martin’s series subverted…which was actually Jordan’s point, hence the title of the series.


What is it?  It’s a TV adaptation of a story where societal levels are depicted by where people are located on a train that keeps the last humans on earth alive on an otherwise frozen planet.

Why we’re psyched:  A setting like this could lend itself to all kinds of stories with all manner of social relevance.

Why we’re wary:  This one will definitely have 100% less Chris Evans than the movie.

Watson says: Can this story last over several seasons?  It seems like the rebellion is the heart of the story.

Jimmy say:  I liked the movie well enough…but have little interest in this.  Especially without Cap.

Carmen Sandiego

What is it?  It’s an animated origin story on Netflix with Gina Rodriguez as the title character.

Why we’re psyched:  The Carmen Sandiego series actually has been done well as a kids educational game show, and the character lends herself well to such treatment.

Why we’re wary:  Doesn’t Carmen work best when she’s just a mysterious thief?

Lovecraft Country

What is it?  It’s a Jordan Peele-produced adaptation of Matt Ruff’s novel about the duel monsters of otherworldly horrors and racism.

Why we’re psyched:  It’s a good book, and the right guy is producing it, where the standard horror movie problems are actually less scary than the racism.

Why we’re wary:  Well, I don’t know if it will actually come out this year or not…

Umbrella Academy

What is it?  It’s the Netflix adaptation of Gerard Way’s comic series about a group of adopted siblings who gained superpowers.

Why we’re psyched:  The source material is really fun and cool, and Ellen Page is playing the one nonpowered sibling.

Why we’re wary:  I’ll bet the one brother won’t be a human head grafted to a massive ape’s body…

Jack Ryan

What is it?  It’s the Amazon series about how author Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan character got his start.

Why we’re psyched:  Watson liked it.  Waston liked a TV show.  WATSON!  It must be good!

Why we’re wary:   Is it back this year?

Watson says: One of the only non-Game of Thrones TV shows I eagerly await!


What is it?  It’s the story of the vikings, those raiders that had grand adventures and did stuff.

Why we’re psyched:  Vikings works a lot like a low budget version of Game of Thrones with a similar amount of drama and medieval-style battles.

Why we’re wary:  The (historically accurate) death of original lead character Ragnar Lothbrok has left the series somewhat adrift as none of the other characters have quite filled the void he left behind.

Star Trek Picard

What is it?  It’s a new Star Trek series featuring the return of Captain Jean-Luc Picard starring Patrick Stewart.

Why we’re psyched:  IT’S GOT PATRICK FREAKING STEWART!  We love that guy!

Why we’re wary:  I’m not getting a new streaming service for just one show, even if it has international treasure Sir Patrick Stewart.

Watson says: I love Sir Patrick, and wish this show well, but I will never see this…

Jimmy says:  Picard is my all time favorite Trek character, so I will definitely check this out.


Ah books.  For people who like TV in their brains….


What is it?  It’s the story of Robin Hood…if Maid Marion was the hero.

Why we’re psyched:  Watson mentioned it to Jenny.  That’s good enough for me to get it on this list!

Why we’re wary:  I’ve never heard of Meagan Spooner before and cannot speak of the quality of her work.

Watson says: I am not sure about the book, but think this will make a great film adaptation…

The Winds of Winter

What is it?  It’s the next book in George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire.

Why we’re…you know what?  This book is almost certainly not coming out this year.  While a number of folks around here assume Martin will never finish this book, I actually do think there’s a good chance this one gets done…eventually.  The next one is another story.  But in the incredibly, unlikely event the book does come out this year, don’t we look smart for predicting it?

Watson says: I think Global Warming ended this book’s chance of being published….

Jimmy says:  I’m 3/4 of the way through book three, so it might come out right on time for me to continue the series.  🙂

Dark Age

What is it?  It’s the next installment of the Red Rising saga.

Why we’re psyched:  Book Four was a good return to form for Brown after what I felt was a bit of a slip in Book Three.

Why we’re wary:  Book Three proves Brown can have a slip here and there.  That was the only one to date where I predicted the ending before it happened, and there were a few sections that feels like padding.  Plus, the new trilogy seems a bit more ambitious than anything Brown’s done before.  That’s a good thing, but also has a higher chance of something going narratively wrong.


What is it?  It’s the next installment of Robert Jackson Bennet’s Founders Trilogy.

Why we’re psyched:  Industrialized magic in a corrupt city-state?  Why not?  And from the author of the generally awesome City of Stairs?  I know I’m there.

Why we’re wary:  Watson won’t read it.   Wait, that may be a plus…

Fire Season

What is it?  It’s the next book in the Eric Carter urban fantasy series.

Why we’re psyched:  It’s a brand new story since the first three books more or less wrapped up the plot up to that point.  Author Stephen Blackamore put together a distinctive character who may be one of the sleaziest protagonists in the genre, someone who can weasel his way out of almost anything.

Why we’re wary:  While Book Two was a highlight with a magical, shapeshifting assassin, Book Three wasn’t quite as good.  Hopefully this one rebounds a bit.


What is it?  It’s the next book from Blake Crouch, author of Dark Matter and Wayward Pines.

Why we’re psyched:  Crouch specializes in some very high concept science fiction work written in a simple prose style that makes it easy to follow even for people who aren’t huge science nerds.

Why we’re wary:  The plot description for this one sounds even out there by Crouch’s standards.  And speaking for myself, I don’t care that much for his prose style.

Watson says: Fuck Tom! This sounds awesome. Dark Matter is one of my favorite books ever. I love it. The only thing that makes me nervous is whether Crouch can recapture the magic.


I asked for suggestions for comics, and Jenny gave me what is probably her current pull list.  Comics are fun, and I did add, well, one thing, but I just read random trades, so Jenny’s probably the most up-to-date on stuff.  Here we go!

Watson says: Comics are for losers.

Wonder Woman

What is it?  It’s DC Comics’ Amazing Amazon in her own ongoing series.

Why we’re psyched:  Since the success of the movie, DC has worked to make sure they always have top talent on Diana’s book.

Why we’re wary:  Current writer G. Willow Wilson is many things, and certainly not a bad writer, but she’s still no Greg Rucka, possibly the best writer to work on Wonder Woman’s book in years.

Jenny says: If you’re not reading Wonder Woman – what are you doing with your life?

Tom adds:  I’m keeping this site going with regular new material.


What is it?  You don’t know?

Why we’re psyched:  Writer Tom King has given us maybe some of the best solo Batman stories in ages.  He’s got a good understanding of the character’s long history, and he just really digs into all his characters.  He made Kite-Man tragic and an Elmer Fudd team-up awesome.

Why we’re wary:  DC may be spreading King a bit too thin, but he’s already let it be known he has an end game in mind.  True, it’s a couple years from now, but he won’t be writing Batman forever.  And I don’t mean the movie with Val Kilmer.

Jimmy says:  I’ve been catching up on my Batman reading over the holidays, and King is a really fantastic writer.  Between him and Scott Snyder, the main Batman series has been most read for a few years now.

Star Wars

What is it?  It’s the ongoing comics from Marvel set in a certain galaxy far, far away.

Why we’re psyched:  It would be easy for Marvel to just toss some random whoevers onto these books and call it a day since theoretically licensed Star Wars should be easy sells.  Instead, they put top talent on the books who can craft stories around the movies and expand characters in great ways that the movies can’t or won’t.

Why we’re wary:  Well, they are still licensed books that have to work around the plots of some of the most famous movies on the planet.

Jimmy says:  Which is probably why I only read Doctor Aphra, which can easily skirt around continuity.  And is a great read in it’s own right.

Jenny says: The Star Wars main comic has continually surprised me with its epic battles, and delicate storytelling. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with everything they’ve done thus far, and look forward to the year ahead!

Paper Girls

What is it?  It’s the sci-fi epic about four adolescent girls who get stuck in a temporal war while out one night delivering newspapers.

Why we’re psyched:  Writer Brian K. Vaughn not only tells a good time traveling sci-fi story where most of the action makes little or no sense as the conflict is beyond the understanding of the four protagonists, but he also takes time to make all the characters vivid and each arc is as much about explaining the time war as explaining who each of these girls are.

Why we’re wary:  Well, it’s ending in July…

Jimmy says:  That’s too bad.  It’s good.  Maybe not quite as good as you would like, but worth your time to read.

Jenny says: Loved reading Paper Girls, sad to see that this chapter is ending.

Man Eaters

What is it?  It’s a new Image series about menstrating were-panthers.  Seriously.

Why we’re psyched:  Writer Cassandra Cain got her feminist street cred in comics for Marvel’s short-lived Mockingbird series.  Plus, this sort of story is a great way to potentially explore themes of misogyny and female anger.

Why we’re wary:  This series is so new it hasn’t even gotten a first trade together, so a lot can happen.

Jenny says: With Chelsea Cain at the helm, this title is already proving to be not only poignant, but also hilarious. I cannot wait to see how things work out for our menstruating heroine.

Deadly Class

What is it?  It’s the story of a school that trains young people to be killers and assassins in order to follow in their family trades.

Why we’re psyched:  Writer Rick Remender is a real work horse who can pump out multiple monthly series and keep the quality high all at the same time.

Why we’re wary:  Well, anyone can burn out eventually.

Jenny says: Remender’s take on a “Deadly Hogwarts” is brilliant. It not only shows how important love and friendship can be in the worst of times, but it also highlights how terribly things can be in the best of times. Not only that – but we’re getting a TV series out of this, so buckle up people, and get to reading!


What is it?  It’s Robert Kirkman’s other comic to be made into a TV series, this one about an exorcist fighting demons.

Why we’re psyched:  Kirkman can pen a good story, building off not only what he’s already established but also within whatever genre he’s working in.  That can lead to a lot of fun.

Why we’re wary:  Well, it’s not The Walking Dead, so it doesn’t get the same amount of attention.

Jenny says: One of the great things about Outcast is that it balances between the line of dark/light in ways I couldn’t have imagined. I love the way Kirkman tries to show good and evil, but in an always graying aspect. If you’re looking for a new horror comic, and haven’t tried Outcast, then definitely give this one a chance.


What is it?  Texas vampires!

Why we’re psyched:  Texas vampires!

Why we’re wary:  Maybe they’re really from another state…

Jimmy says:  With all things Donny Cates blowing up, I expect this to get optioned for a series or movie sooner than later.  I should really read it.  And go read Venom, Thanos Wins and Cosmic Ghost Rider if you haven’t already.  Cates is one of the best current comic writers out there, and takes over Guardians of the Galaxy, perhaps by the time you read this.

Jenny says: Redneck is excellent. The Donny Cates hype is real, and he’s on a roll. Take some time to knock the dust off your reading boots, and climb aboard this vampire thriller.

Rat Queens

What is it?  It’s a comedic fantasy series about a group of women screw-ups going on quests and getting into trouble with modern real world attitudes that fit well with this sort of series.

Why we’re psyched:  Rat Queens is an incredibly clever, unpredictable series.  It’s just fun and sometimes fun is all you need.

Why we’re wary:  Rat Queens has had production issues involving artists over the course of the series’ history, causing it to disappear for extended periods.

Jenny says: Rat Queens has been consistent in telling a story of friends and the dynamics that make life, love, and the pursuit of happiness worth the time! I love these little ladies like they were my own friends, and if you’ve haven’t had a chance to read the series, then I strongly suggest you roll the dice and adventure on!

Captain Marvel

What is it?  It’s Marvel’s biggest female solo hero.

Why we’re psyched:  This could be a really good year for Captain Marvel.  Two movies within a month or so of each other could make her the next Iron Man or Black Panther.

Why we’re wary:  They could also make her the next Dr. Strange, prominent, but not as prominent at they hoped she would be.

Jenny says: The Life of «» CAPTAIN MARVEL «» was excellent. And now we get a brand new title that will explore her future like nothing before. Like Carol Danvers always says – Higher! Further! Faster!


Well, we’ve never really looked at gadgets before, but there’s a first time for everything.

Samsung Galaxy X

What is it?  It’s a new smartphone that folds out into a tablet computer.

Why we’re psyched:  A phone you can fold…by design!

Why we’re wary:  As with any new tech, was there really a demand for this?  We won’t know until it comes out and see if other smartphone makers come up with their own.

Watson says: A bendable phone?  What could possibly go wrong?

Video Games

We do like video games, but we don’t tend to think too far ahead and just pick up the ones that look cool as they come out.  Hence the reason this section is always so skimpy….

Spider-Man for PS4

What is it?  It’s the long-awaited Spider-Man game for the Playstation we put up here every year and…wait, it came out last year.  Never mind.

Gabbing Geek

What is it?  You’re looking at it.

Why we’re psyched:  We love what we do here, with lots of projects and plans for the coming year.

Why we’re wary:  We’re not.  Don’t be silly.

Watson says: Here’s to more podcasting.  More articles. More gabbing of the geek.