July 13, 2024

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Doctor Who “The Invasion Part 2”

The Second Doctor. "The Invasion," Episode Two.

OK, back to live action as things get weirder and more familiar at the same time.

So, it seems Jamie and the Doctor don’t get to leave International Electromatics without problems.  For one, creepy guy Vaughn has some kind of weird computer behind his office wall that keeps squawking about an invasion while saying the Doctor and Jamie represent a threat because somehow this computer recognizes the two of them.

And then the Doctor and Jamie are more or less arrested off the street by some mystery men.

That’s actually good news because the men work for the Brigadier.  And this time, he is a Brigadier.  It seems after the whole mess with the Great Intelligence, a new group called UNIT was formed.  That would be the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce.  The Brigadier runs the thing, had IE under surveillance, and had Jamie and the Doctor brought in as soon as he recognized them.  Since he’s a friendly face that actually knows what the Doctor does, the Doctor is glad to see him.

But then no one told Isobel and Zoe what happened to the men, and while I thought Isobel was a model, she’s actually a photographer that can’t often afford to hire her own models.  Bummer there.  The women get a bit fed up with waiting and go down to IE to look into things themselves.  And getting past the automated computer at the front is child’s play for Zoe who knows how to confuse those things rather easily.  Now, if Vaughn’s people weren’t completely unable to tell what the TARDIS’s circuits could do, maybe the ladies would have been ignored, but Vaughn figures he can use them because he’s that kind of guy, and since lots of people go into IE and never come out, well, that is concerning.

Of course, UNIT sees the women go in and an alert is sent to the Brigadier, Jamie, and the Doctor, and the latter two offer to go sneak inside and take a look around in order to possibly rescue the women.  Does that work?

Well, they see some guys toting massively heavy boxes inside, suggesting superhuman strength, and then they get captured.

Jamie and the Doctor aren’t good at rescuing people…