March 2, 2024

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Watson Reviews: Watson and Holmes (Spoiler Free)

It’s the last weekend of the year. Gabbing Geek co-host Ryan suggested a funny reason to see Holmes & Watson in the theater.

So I head into one of the worst reviewed big budget films ever.

I hate Ryan.


You know the story of Sherlock Holmes and his friend Dr. John Watson. It’s been told numerous times before in different mediums and with different actors.

Well it’s the same thing this time, except the two are morons!

That’s supposed to be funny in this film.

Supposed to be…


  • It was all about the check-in. Ryan suggested I see Holmes & Watson with our buddy, David Holmes. When the “Holmes and Watson seeing Holmes & Watson” Facebook check-in is what you are looking forward to most, you know the movie is gonna be a stinker! That said, the meta gag might have been worth it….
  • The premise was one that should have paid off. In the Gabbing Geek bullpen, our other co-host Jenny was saying this premise was terrible. I disagree. I think the fact that there have been a lot of Holmes adaptations recently strengthened the draw of a good satire. The premise wasn’t the problem.
  • A film that doesn’t show all the funny stuff in the trailer… I can honestly say there was no danger of the trailer showing “all the funny jokes” because….


  • There were no funny jokes. This movie was uniquely awful. I laughed maybe two or three times and I was embarrassed when I did. I generally laugh at everything and this one didn’t cut it. It would be like laughing at commercials for St Jude’s Children’s Hospital!
  • The duo seem to expect you to laugh because Taledega Nights was funny. It’s star ego at its worst. They clearly just roll out lame bits and expect you to laugh because you are conditioned to laugh. I’m surprised they didn’t jiggle some keys to see it worked. As bad as Ferrell was, John C O’Reilly was fare worse.
  • This movie make me like the pair’s successful projects a little less. The movie was so bad, I like Guardians of the Galaxy a lot less now simply because O’Reilly is in it. I am also not sure I can ever watch Old School again…


This was a film that tested so bad, even Netflix wouldn’t buy it… and Netflix has aired some really crappy movies.

The film garnered a single digit Rotten Tomatoes score.

I received a D+ in the audience polled CinemaScore.

The box office was piddling.

These are atrocious numbers…and the film is STILL overrated.

This movie is bad. Mortdecai bad! And that’s the weakest film I’ve ever rated in my time at Gabbing Geek. Holmes & Watson is in that dreadful company.

This will be a film that both actors have to discuss with media for years to come and defend how bad it was.

Overall, I give Holmes and Watson a score of 1.5 “David and Williams” out of 10.