April 18, 2024

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Doctor Who “The Invasion Part 1”

The Second Doctor. "The Invasion," Episode One.

So, we have here another animated episode.  Most of this serial is intact, but in the meantime, here we are.

So, the TARDIS repaired itself when the Land of Fiction fell apart, leaving the Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe floating through normal space time again.  What happened to the guy who was the Master?  I don’t know.  Stop asking questions from a show where past continuity was a polite suggestion at best.

Anyway, the TARDIS materializes in space, floating on the dark side of the moon near Earth in the 20th century, meaning we get a story set in the same year it was made, something that was probably much cheaper than something involving a Land of Fiction.  And this serial is eight episodes long, so get used to that.  Well, what would be a weird thing to happen on the far side of the moon in 1968?  How about if someone shot a missile at the TARDIS?  That time ship is broken as it is, but it’s always broken, and the Doctor does manage to get something to work long enough by banging on the control panel to land the damaged TARDIS in a field in England where the only witness is a cow.  Oh, and the ship’s invisibility controls were damaged, leaving the TARDIS invisible on the outside.  As there’s nothing to do but try to repair a circuit, the Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe leave the TARDIS in the field (good luck finding it later) and strike off for London to see if they can get their pal Professor Travers to help.  They even luck out and get a ride in a truck.

Well, mostly.  It seems the field and a lot of the surrounding area is controlled by International Electromatics.  That’s some big electronics company that sprang from nowhere.  And they don’t like strangers snooping around.  The truck driver is more than happy to make sure the three oblivious time travelers get to safety from some mysterious motorcyclists, but he gets shot and killed later while the Doctor and his companions manage to hitchhike the rest of the way to London.  Bad news there:  Professor Travers is out of the country and left his townhouse to a colleague named Professor Watkins.  Watkins is also out but might be helpful according to his niece Isobel, some girl who seems to just take selfies. I guess she’s a model.  Where does Watkins work?  International Electromatics.  Those guys again.

Anyway, due to sexism in the writer’s room, Zoe opts to stay behind and have fun posing for pictures while getting dressed up with Isobel as the Doctor and Jamie go to take a look at IE.  There’s a computer in there that’s about as reliable as any of the automated voices you get when you call just about any big company in 2018, and that leads to the Doctor and Jamie getting caught by security and taken to see the head of the company, Tobias Vaughn.  He says Watkins can’t be disturbed but offers to help.  Jamie mentions the damaged circuits because Jamie is kind of dumb that way, and he and the Doctor hand them over to Vaughn to see if he can fix them.  Vaughn says he might and even gives Jamie a transistor radio despite the fact Jamie as a 17th century Highlander clearly has no idea what it is.  The two are then escorted off by security a bit too roughly for Jamie’s tastes.

The Doctor, however, is suspicious.  Why? Well, Vaughn doesn’t blink often enough for a human.

And Vaughn was very interested in those TARDIS circuits.