July 16, 2024

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Doctor Who “The Mind Robber Part 3”

The Second Doctor. "The Mind Robber," Episode Three.

So, how do you stop a unicorn?

Basically, you need to say it doesn’t exist.  Then it turns into a cutout.  Seriously, the Doctor tells his companions to deny the existence of the unicorn, and that works.

As it is, the trio heads on, leading to Jamie getting frozen and his face removed again, meaning we can get the regular cast member back when the Doctor can get Zoe’s help putting Jamie’s face on right.  So, yes, Frazer Hines is back.  As the three move on, they find a maze with a spool of thread which the Doctor realizes is a labyrinth.  Tying on end to the door that they now can’t open, the three move through the maze that is obvious to logic machine Zoe but seems to baffle the two men.  They even find Gulliver again, and the Doctor figures out exactly who he is when the other man recites lines from his book verbatim.  As it is, Gulliver isn’t much help, but the Doctor figures out they’re in a land where everything fictional can be real.

Eventually, they run out of thread, so the Doctor and Zoe move on a head and ask Jamie to guard the end of the thread so they can find their way back later.  The Doctor and Zoe run into the minotaur which despite having human feet somehow left animal tracks.  They vanquish the minotaur the same way they did the unicorn by saying it does not exist.  Zoe has a hard time with this.

Jamie, meanwhile, encounters a lifesize wooden soldier.  The only thing to do is toss his jacket over the soldier’s head and make a run for it.  Jamie manages to climb a cliff face as toy soldiers can’t do that.  When it gets too steep, he finds a rope and climbs up to a tower.

Say, Gulliver said the mysterious Master lives in a tower…

Jaime got to the top and discovered the rope was a braid from a princess named Rapunzel.  She’s a bit indignant, but when Jamie climbs in to pass through, he doesn’t find Rapunzel or a medieval style tower.  He finds a lot of technology, and that includes a ticker-tape machine that describes what was happening to the Doctor and Zoe.  Namely, they were back in the minotaur’s cave when Medusa starts to come to life.  Will she turn the two to stone, or will Zoe agree with the Doctor that Medusa does not exist?

Zoe has a hard time with that.