September 28, 2023

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Maniac “The Lake Of The Clouds”

Episode Eight

I felt so clever figuring out what all the different pills meant last time.  Then I realized with this episode that Annie already knew that, so it wasn’t really a secret, and I just wasn’t paying enough attention during some of the less trippy moments.


OK, so, Annie knows she isn’t really an elf and maybe knows Ellie isn’t really there either, but she has to keep pushing on to the Lake of the Clouds to save the life of the person who may be an elf and is definitely dead.  Let’s set that aside for now.

Over in Owen’s dream, his drill-toting dad is at it again, but when Owen goes to see his police handlers, his brother Jed shows up and kills the cops because of course Dad had an undercover cop on the payroll in the form of a long lost son because blood always wins out.  What was Owen supposed to do in the real world?  It doesn’t much matter as Jed is then literally shot in half with a chainsaw welded by another law enforcement type who wants to put Owen into witness protection.  Owen convinces Olivia the waitress to come with him, and then we cut forward a few years to see Owen and Olivia living in what looks like his real world apartment with something like seven screaming kids.

Naturally, Owen jumps out a window.

Less naturally, he lands on the street to see everything around him is tiny, and then he remembers Annie. Sure, Olivia is telling him to stop being so dramatic, but Owen turns into a hawk and flies off to find Annie.

Yes, he turned into a hawk.  Shut up.  It’s a dream sequence!

And heck, he even finds Annie and Elf Ellie and the Lady of the Lake of the Clouds.  That’s another Sally Field.  She blasts Owen into a lake.  That was unexpected.  Or totally expected.  There’s still two episodes left.

But, see, the Elf Lady was really GRTA, and Dr. Greta Mantleray is trying to talk to the AI that was based off her own personality.  That means Sally Field was talking to herself.  And it seems since that doctor that died early on was having some kind of something with GRTA, GRTA is now in mourning and doesn’t want to let any of the people sleeping through this weird pill therapy out, like, ever.