February 9, 2023

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Geek Review: Aquaman

DC's King of the Seas goes on a quest to take his rightful place on the throne of Atlantis in this superhero fantasy epic.

The DCEU does not, for the most part, have a good track record.  However, director James Wan has been working steadily on bringing, of all heroes, Aquaman to the big screen.  His efforts are now here for all to see with Jason Momoa continuing the role, this time as a solo protagonist.

I actually got to see this a weekend early as an Amazon Prime member, but I decided to make today a mini-Aquaman day here at Gabbing Geek, so here we are.

After a story on how his parents met, ending with his mother being forced to leave her lighthouse-keeper husband and return to Atlantis, we see Arthur Curry (Momoa) doing the Aquaman thing.  He’s, on the whole, apathetic and antagonistic on the undersea kingdom of Atlantis that he may be the rightful ruler of.  He’s more than happy to spend time with his air-breathing father, pounding back beers in the local bar, and letting the younger half brother he’s never met, Orm (Patrick Wilson), rule the kingdom.  But Orm has plans that won’t be good for a whole lot of people, and when a Princess named Mera (Amber Heard) shows up looking for Arthur to take his rightful throne, the pair soon find themselves going on a globetrotting quest for an ancient weapon that could unite the scattered kingdoms of Atlantis and prevent a lot of death and bloodshed.

So, here’s the thing:  Aquaman as a character is, even by superhero standards, a bit on the ridiculous side.  And the beauty of Wan’s movie is it doesn’t for a second pretend it’s anything else.  Will we see Dolph Lundren riding a giant seahorse?  Yes.  Will we see a giant sea monster with the voice of Julie Andrews?  Oh yeah.  Heck, Heard’s red hair isn’t the sort of red that appears anywhere other than a comic book anyway.  This movie knows exactly what it is.   If Thor: Ragnarok was the MCU’s version of Flash Gordon, then Aquaman is DC’s Clash of the Titans.

James Wan put a hell of a lot of work into creating the world that Aquaman lives in, and it shows.  There are multiple Atlantean cities, each with their own look, Atlantean commandos, an appearance by Black Manta as a secondary villain, and all kinds of weird stuff involving water.  It’s goofy, and I had a hell of a good time watching it.  I wouldn’t call it a great movie, but I sure would call it a fun one.   8.5 out of 10 musical octopuses.

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