March 2, 2024

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Doctor Who “The Mind Robber Part 1”

The Second Doctor. "The Mind Robber," Episode One.

Hey, I think we have a bottle episode here.  Most of it is set on the TARDIS.

The rest is set nowhere.  Literally nowhere.

So, it seems the threat of hot lava isn’t enough to get the Doctor to hurry as he says the TARDIS will be fine with the doors shut.  That doesn’t really reassure Jamie or, for that matter, Zoe, as the monitor shows lava slowly covering the time ship.  The problem is the TARDIS isn’t working again, so the Doctor does the only reasonable thing and pulls out the emergency switch that sends the TARDIS outside of reality.  Once in the void, the Doctor can effect repairs before the TARDIS bounces back into regular time and space.

The problem is both Jamie and Zoe see stuff on the monitor.  Jamie sees Scotland, Zoe sees the city she was born in, but neither sees the other’s.  The Doctor says they need to stay inside, despite Zoe’s wanting to explore the outside, and eventually the Doctor concludes that something is making his companions see what they want to see and they should stay put.

Naturally, once no one is looking, Zoe goes outside.  There’s nothing out there but a white void.

And when the men discover this, Jamie rushes out to find Zoe.  Out there, they seem to run into some menacing robots and get replaced for a period by versions of themselves wearing all white versions of the outfits they are already wearing.

The Doctor, meanwhile, hears a voice in his head telling him to surrender.  He won’t.  He does manage to get out and find his companions and bring them back to the TARDIS to attempt to get back to somewhere that isn’t what the Doctor calls nowhere and the voice seems to be hitting all three of them.  The Doctor tells them to concentrate when…

The TARDIS flies apart.

Huh.  I wasn’t expecting that.

Oh, it didn’t explode.  It flew apart.  Jamie and Zoe are clinging to the central console.  The Doctor spun off somewhere by himself.

This isn’t the last episode ever, so I am sure something is going to happen.