December 1, 2022

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Orphan Black “The Stigmata Of Progress”

Season Four, Episode Three.

Man, as if people didn’t have enough of a reason to avoid the dentist…

That’s what happens to Sarah.  She gets a good reason to avoid the dentist.  Looking to get that weird thing out of her cheek, Sarah gets some help from Art (who can use his police resources to look into stuff) and finds the fellow who died when his cheek exploded was a Neolutionist that was in town briefly to go to a very specific dentist.  Sarah goes there, where a dentist mistakes her for Beth.  Sarah asks if the implant can be removed.  The dentist says she can, but then once Sarah is tied down, says the implant was punctured and Sarah can’t move or it will kill her and the dentist’s Neolutionist superiors are already on their way.

Who needs a crazy dentist?

But then Ferdinand comes in and slits the dentist’s throat and let’s Sarah know if the implant was punctured, well, Sarah would already be dead.

Who needs a crazy assassin?

Alison might!  A chat with Cosima has the Hendrixes realize they might have a cheek implant given Dr. Leekie was a high-ranking Neolutionist, and he is buried under their garage.  That means renting another jackhammer and digging up the very foul-smelling corpse.  But then the police come by, looking into the multiple homicide of those drug dealers Helena killed in season three.  They had some of Alison’s campaign literature lying around and mistake Helena for Alison.  Fortunately, Helena knows the names of Alison’s campaign workers.  And Donnie is getting used to posing as Helena’s husband.  So, that probably works.  For now.

Who needs the police sniffing at your door?

Possibly Rachel, being held by her mother as a new guardian for young Charlotte, who was cloned from Rachel, and under the care of Ira, a Castor clone raised as a doctor instead of a soldier.  That involves, among other things, injecting dye into Rachel’s new eye to make it look normal even if the swirling colors inside look more like the show’s opening credits.  Rachel’s adopted mother Susan doesn’t love Rachel and doesn’t pretend to because she has more important things to do, namely perfecting humanity on a genetic level.

Who needs that kind of perfection?

So, yeah, more stuff afoot.  Kira is getting antsy like she knows things, Felix has a drunken lawyer from the American South as a biological sister, and Alison and Donnie tells Cosima what happened to Leekie.  On the latter part, Alison figures that Cosima, as a scientist and lesbian, will want to know everything.

I am not sure I follow what the second point has to do with anything.

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