November 28, 2023

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Podcast Reaction: The “Why, Jenny, Why?” Edition

Cripes, more box office talk?

This week on the podcast, Jenny learned a hard lesson on scholarship.

Jenny’s ideal reaction to bad news.

See, Ryan and Watson are now scholars because they are.  But Jenny?  Is she a scholar?  Apparently, not.  But see, she might have said something that led to the guys getting ideas that led them to write something and got them a trip to Spain to present “important” scholarship in a country where at least one of them didn’t speak the local language.  What lesson is that?  Be careful of what you say around some people if you don’t want to end up in the history books the way Rosalind Franklin was.

Don’t know who Rosalind Franklin was?  Look her up.  She even had problems with a Watson.  Some scholars will straight up steal an idea if you don’t bolt it down.

But then…it’s time for the annual box office bet where Ryan and Watson and this year Jenny.  What does Jenny do?  She reads off movie titles and acts as an MC or a secretary or something.  That’s all.  I would have thought Jenny would have tossed some numbers into the mix even if numbers traditionally aren’t her friend, but…

Wait, I can’t stand box office talk.  Box office talk sucks.  And now I have another 12 months of the guys talking about how much money each of those movies made every weekend and who is ahead of what in some bet that is only for bragging rights, so really, Jenny?  Really?

Also Tom’s ideal reaction to disappointment.