April 19, 2024

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American Horror Story “The Replacements”

Coven, Episode Three.

Oh, so that’s where Denis O’Hare has been hiding.

After a flashback where we see a young Fiona slit the throat of the previous Supreme. we see more of the meandering that has been going on for the past three episodes.  I’d be upset, but that is par for the course for American Horror Story.

So, let’s look at what’s happening.

First, Fiona may be many horrible things, but she hates racism.  Seeing Madame LaLurie cringing at Obama’s whole “being president” thing, Fiona has the perfect solution to how to hide a nearly 200 year old woman from slavery times:  make her a maid.  And then, when she mouths off, make her Queenie’s personal servant.

Meanwhile, Fiona goes to various doctors to try and get a face lift.  No one will give her one.  Her health is deteriorating.  Cordelia is simultaneously looking for a fertility doctor and does find someone who can help her.  That would be Marie Laveau.  Of course, “can” is not the same as “will,” and since Fiona is her archenemy…

Meanwhile, Kyle seems to be doing better for a mute reanimated pile of corpses.  Thinking she’s doing a good thing, Zoe goes to see how Kyle’s mother is coping and later leads Kyle home.  Sure, that would seem to be a good thing, and Kyle does have some weird scars and a few new body parts, but his mother is glad he’s home and…wait, what was that about body parts?  Oh yeah, she’s been sexually abusing her son.  So, he smashes a trophy over he head and kills her.  Zoe needs to find a new hiding spot.

And then that minotaur attacks the witch house to get LaLurie, who confesses to Queenie who she really is.  Queenie decides to handle the bull man by…seducing him?  Really?  You know, letting Gabourey Sidbe act sexy is actually rather cool of this show and I won’t make any jokes about that even if the minotaur appears to like it rough.

But then we also have Nan and Madison.  Nan seems to like the new neighbor boy, Luke.  The girls go to visit so Madison can try and seduce him in the most blatant way possible.  Luke’s mother shows up to say they’re good Christians, so Madison mocks their religion.  In their own home.  That’s not cool.

Luke’s mother later visits the witch house to complain to Fiona.  She brings a Bible as a gift for Fiona.  She apparently shoves her religion down the throat of any house she visits ever.  That is also not cool.

Point is, Madison uses her mind movement stuff to toss a knife at the woman and then develops a new power where she sets the curtains on fire.  That causes Fiona to think Madison might be the new Supreme, so she asks the younger woman to kill her so she won’t suffer as her lifeforce goes into the new Supreme.  Madison doesn’t want to do that.  There’s a struggle, and Madison…accidentally gets her throat slit.  That means Denis O’ Hare has to get rid of the body.

You know, since Misty can raise the dead, somehow I don’t think Madison is staying dead.