February 24, 2024

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Doctor Who “The Wheel In Space Part 5”

The Second Doctor. "The Wheel in Space," Episode Five.

There’s an Irishman in this episode who, true to all his brawling ancestors, successfully wins a fistfight against two brainwashed comrades.  Then he gets mentally dominated by a Cyberman.

I don’t know how I feel about that.

So, here’s the thing–aside from maybe the sight of dead comrades might snap the hypnotized crewman out of Cybermen’s control–what do the Cybermen actually want?

See, while there is plenty of evidence that the Cybermen wanted to knock out the Wheel’s main battery, they likewise snuck onto the Wheel before the meteor swarm hits.  That means that, well, they don’t want to destroy the Wheel.  Why would they want to take out the station if they have people on it?

Point is, the guns are repaired and the Wheel starts blowing up meteors before they can hit the Wheel.  That’s theoretically tense and exciting except of course this is one of those lost episodes where all we get is the original audio and some still pictures.

But the TARDIS might have something that can defeat the Cybermen!  But the Doctor has to stay on the Wheel to keep an eye on things since he knows things about the Cybermen, so that means one thing:  Jamie has to go!  He is the only one who knows what the Doctor needs looks like.

By way of a spacewalk with Zoe while the meteors explode all around them.  That sounds safe.  Or not.

It’s not.

As for the Doctor, he comes to the conclusion that the Cybermen might mess with the Wheel’s air supply.  There are ways to deal with that, but Gemma, the Wheel’s medical officer, has to go check on something after getting Jamie and Zoe to where the spacesuits are stored.

That’s good because the Cybermen are trying to poison the air supply, and it’s not good because Gemma doesn’t get away in time.  Sure, she goes out heroically by warning the Doctor, but the Cybermen kill her anyway while he watches helplessly on a monitor.

Man, the Doctor’s probably pissed now.