February 27, 2024

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Maniac “Larger Structural Issues”

Episode Six.

So, after two episodes of crazy visions, let’s go back to the “real” world and see a crazy reality.

The future is weird.

OK, so, Owen is having problems.  Because of his schizophrenia, he doesn’t know what is and isn’t real.  Much of what is happening to him is real, but he doesn’t think so.  For example, did he and Annie share an experience in the dream state they were in?  Well, the audience knows the did.  Annie believes they did.  Owen doesn’t believe it for a second.

Likewise, Owen doesn’t believe his own eyes when celebrity psychologist Dr. Greta Mantleray walks into the lab and meets with some of the other scientists that happen to be there.  Why would there be a famous person down there?  Well, she is down there.  Her son, Dr. James Mantleray, reluctantly called her in because the computer running the experiment, GRTA, was modeled after his mother, and Dr. Azumi gave the AI a basic empathy program to keep the experiment from going too crazy.  That, it seems, is a problem because the computer is now depressed over the death of Dr. Muramoto.  That would be why the leak in the computer combined Annie and Owen’s dream states.  So, there’s a good reason for Greta Mantleray to be down there even if Owen doesn’t believe it.

Nice touch:  Greta appears to have the same poor taste in obvious wigs as her son.

Owen does appear to believe Annie is reaching out to him in the real world.  That’s nice.

He also has a hard time believing a wall tries to prevent him from leaving in the middle of the night.  Of course, it isn’t a wall.  It’s GRTA.  And yeah, he’s free to go to get “real medicine” and, well, GRTA lets it be known that the other patients might not make it if Owen leaves, particularly Annie.  As such, he goes back.

And then we’re at the trial for Pill C and Annie is now an elf…huh…