March 2, 2024

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Doctor Who “The Web Of Fear Part 6”

The Second Doctor. "The Web of Fear," Final Episode.

So, yeah, the actors who played Victoria and Professor Travers were related after all.

Moving on…

OK, so, the Doctor can save the day with a single voice-controlled Yeti, right?

Well, he and his party are captured.

That cowardly, comic relief driver?   Caught.

The reporter?  Well, he wasn’t the double agent, and he was caught.

Jamie hides when the others are grabbed, and he does have the voice controller, but the Yeti that finds him is the wrong one.  He’s caught.

That one soldier whose name I didn’t learn because there were too many to start?  Yeah, the Intelligence is using his body.  The Doctor later concludes he was probably taken out early and was dead the whole time.

So, the Doctor surrenders and tells the others not to interfere.

Then Jamie interferes by activating the rogue Yeti and tells it to attack the Intelligence and the other Yetis.  Stuff breaks, the Intelligence goes down, and Jamie pulls the Doctor out of the clear pyramid that was meant to drain the Doctor’s intelligence into the other Intelligence.

And the Doctor is not pleased to be rescued.  See, he’d managed to switch some wires in the clear colander helmet that would have drained the Intelligence’s intelligence and effectively prevented it from ever causing problems again.  Now, thanks to Jamie’s efforts to be helpful, the Intelligence is still out there.

And not desiring to become famous, the Doctor and his companions beat feet back to the TARDIS before the trains start again.  That was silly, but they left behind some allies for the future since the Brigadier doesn’t exactly go away.

And…that’s that.  The next serial isn’t available which is a shame since it was the last appearance of Victoria and the first appearance of the sonic screwdriver apparently.

But hey, it turns out that an unofficial sequel was made in 90s to this story, featuring a few recognizable faces reprising their famous roles from Doctor Who, for a direct-to-home-video one shot called Downside.  It had the Brigadier, Victoria, Professor Travers, Yetis, and the Great Intelligence…plus one companion for a future Doctor.  Anyhoo, here’s the trailer for it.

Anyway, moving on to a return of the Cybermen and a new companion that apparently wore tight clothes and whose butt has her own Facebook fan page.