July 20, 2024

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Doctor Who “The Web Of Fear Part 5”

The Second Doctor. "The Web of Fear," Episode Five.

Huh.  The actors playing Professor Travers and Victoria have the same last name.  They might be related.

Yeah, I don’t care that much.

So, good news:  the Great Intelligence doesn’t want to kill anyone!

Let’s ignore the fact it’s already killed a lot of people.

No, it just wants the Doctor’s knowledge, and if the Doctor follows through with the draining process, it will leave him alive but with the mind of an infant.  The Intelligence says it will let everyone go after that.  And it said all that through Professor Travers, so you know it…well, that it can possess people.

Then the Prof and his Yeti bodyguards grab Victoria and drag her off as an extra hostage.

What’s the remaining hero types to do?  Jamie wants to go after Victoria, and he and Brigadier try to find a path to the surface, but the webs have already blocked every door.  Who would have thought a being known as the Great Intelligence might have thought of every contingency plan?

Well, the Doctor has his own plan.  He and Anne manage to reprogram a control sphere and even implant it into a Yeti, giving them a Yeti of their own maybe fight back with.  That’s a good thing, because the Doctor was only given 20 minutes to think before the Intelligence forced the issue.  About the only other plan the Doctor had was to remind Jamie that he’ll need a parent if the worst happens.  Besides, some of those surviving soldiers seem intent on giving the Doctor over to save their own lives, and someone in there is still a traitor.

But then the web/suds stuff bursts into the base’s lab…