Merlin “Beauty And The Beast Part 2”

You know, when Merlin goes for laughs, it can be a rather fun and silly show.

So, here’s an episode where Uther is married to a troll.

Yes, Merlin was too late.  Uther married a troll.  And worse, the troll posing as Lady Catrina accuses Merlin of stealing her family’s seal, the supposedly only thing she has left from the massacre of her entire family.  And Uther being smitten dispatches Arthur to arrest Merlin.  Fortunately, Arthur and Gaius help Merlin hide, but the bad news is Catrolla (yeah, I’m staying with that name) can use Arthur’s inability to arrest one servant as ammunition in her plan to get Arthur disinherited and take his place as future ruler of Camelot.

Plus, when she convinces Uther to raise everyone’s taxes, Arthur puts a stop to it, putting Arthur even more on his father’s bad side.

But hey, Merlin is on the case, and he discovers where Catrolla keeps her anti-Troll appearance potion, and Gaius is able to make something that looks and smells like the real thing, and Merlin does a taste test and says that as awful as the stuff is, it also tastes the same.

As such, when Catrolla’s troll appearance becomes apparent to everyone when she stops looking like an attractive human woman and instead looks like a short, squat, smelly troll.  Yes, everyone points out she’s a troll with tusks and everything.

Uther doesn’t care.

See, he’s still enchanted.  And he wants to make sweet, sweet love to the troll.

Most of the time, she just exhales a green breath on Uther and knocks him out.  Most of the time.

So, what now?  Maybe it’s time to consult the Great Dragon.

Yes, he finds all this hilarious.

Good news:  there is one cure to a troll enchantment.  Uther has to cry tears of genuine loss.  He has to lose something he really loves, and he does love his son.  And Gaius has a potion that can fake death long enough for Uther to cry.  The enchantment is broken, Arthur comes to, takes out the wormy servant, and then kills the troll with a little help from Merlin.

Now, normally, we’d see Uther say he was right to distrust magic or something, but apparently when you marry a troll, people are too busy restraining laughter to let him make a serious point about such things.

And our next episode has professional scary guy Charles Dance!

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