February 26, 2024

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Orphan Black “History Yet To Be Written”

Season Three Finale.

Well, you know, I should have known the Clone Club was on top of things, using all their specific skills to stop the baddies.

‘Cause, you know, that happens.

So, what do each of the four primary good guy clones do?

Well, Sarah manages, with help from Art, to bring Kendell to Canada, and though Mrs. S is still sparring with her mother, we eventually learn the whole thing is because of what happened to Mr. S, and Kendell did arrange for Sarah to end up with her daughter all the same, so they make up.

Meanwhile, Sarah and Felix find Mark and Gracie.  Mark agrees to help, and he pretends to be Rudy (after Sarah beats him up) to bring down Coady with a little assist from Ferdinand.  Ferdinand will defect to Sarah’s side when Delphine realizes it was Krystal and not Rachel in a coma at Dyad, that Nealon wasn’t to be trusted, that he was actually part of Neolution, which was secretly behind Leta and Castor the whole time, and that Rachel is being held against her will somewhere else.

Ferdinand hates Neolution, and he knows how to dispose of a body when he realizes his sidekick is probably a Neolution agent.  He may have to take care of Nealon too when Delphine kills the guy in self-defense.

So, Sarah cons some people.

What does Cosima do?

She does the science, and she’s nice enough to charm the hostile Kendall.  And she may finally have a cure for her own condition and even reconciles with Delphine.  Her part is the easiest to summarize.

What about Alison?

Well, she wins the election, but more importantly, she gave Helena a home, and Donnie actually wins Helena over as well.  Plus, when she and Donnie realize the real Rudy is following them, she can lead him into a trap.

That would be Helena.  C’mon, you know she’s going to kill Rudy.  Rudy may be having his problems mentally, and Helena may show him some pity after she takes him down in a prison-style fight, but she does remind him he’s a rapist.

So, yeah, happy endings all around.  Kendell is hustled off to Iceland where Kira is also hiding, and I see no reason to worry about anything going into season four.

Except, you know, that Rachel’s mother, Susan, is still alive and holding her daughter prisoner and an unknown person shot Delphine.