May 26, 2024

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Doctor Who “The Web Of Fear Part 3”

The Second Doctor. "The Web of Fear," Episode Three.

OK, so, this was apparently another lost episode, but rather than animate it, Britbox instead used some still shots with the original episode’s audio that mostly told the story.  Sure, there was one moment where a Yeti did something that had to have on-screen captions, but for the most part, I spent this episode missing the animation of that first Second Doctor serial I watched.

OK, so, did Jamie and that other soldier escape the soap bubbles that apparently is the Great Intelligence, the thing that controls the Yetis?  Yeah, because Jamie spots a Yeti carrying a control box and tells the soldier to shoot the thing, and that works.  The only real problem is those two guys are still lost, and the killer mold has taken the circle line, completely surrounding all the characters.

But the good news is the Doctor is back, and while the Brigadier is initially wary of the guy, he soon seems to agree with Professor Travers that the Doctor is a friend.  The problem there is when a Yeti manages to get into the store room with all the explosives, that can only mean there’s a traitor and it could be anyone, including the Doctor or the Brigadier because these two guys don’t really know each other yet.

Speaking of not knowing each other, Victoria gets to chatting to the reporter in the base that got stuck there with everyone else, and she for some reason revealed the TARDIS is a thing, and since the reporter wants to get out more than anyone else, and he’s, you know, a reporter, the TARDIS might not be much of a secret much longer.  The Doctor wasn’t too happy about that, but he won’t go anywhere without Jamie.

So, things look bad, as the Yetis continue to do…something, the Intelligence wants…something, and the Doctor may be the key to…something.

There’s always something.