October 1, 2022

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Simpsons Did It!: “Krusty The Clown”

In which Homer recaps TV shows and Krusty joins the circus.

Man, I have been spelling Krusty’s name as “Krusty the Clown” instead of “Krusty the Klown” from Day One because…uh, I forgot.  That was a long time ago.

Our story begins in Springfield Elementary where Principal Skinner is saddened to report that the school paper has lost $35.  That’s a lot for them.  As such, Lisa is out as editor in chief and a fifth grader with an attitude (guest star Bill Eichner in his Eichner-est) comes in to make the whole thing an online publication full of clickbait.  Lisa is then promoted and demoted (both are true) to TV recapper, a worthless position that requires her to watch TV, recap the plot, make some snarky comments, and leave a letter grade for each episode.  That’s something Lisa finds abhorrent and…

You know, that sounds familiar somehow.

Anyway, Lisa doesn’t care enough to do something like that, so she passes the job off to the most opinionated and outspoken person she knows, namely Homer.  Homer can do all that with a smartphone and his own narration, and he loves TV and is something of a tough critic, giving out Bs and Cs to all and asunder.

I mean, I suppose this is a recap.

Homer’s efforts end up infuriating Krusty, prompting the clown to attack Homer on the street.  That causes both to fall off a cliff, Krusty throttling Homer all the way down.

I don’t know if what I do is all that bad.  Or good for that matter.

Bart sees Homer being treated near an ambulance naturally rushes to the one he’s worried about most.  Obviously, that’s Krusty.  I’ve been doing this long enough to see that gag coming a mile away.

I have been doing this a long time, haven’t I?

So, Homer goes back to recapping, even getting a professional job doing it, but he does it so much that Marge overhears him recapping their snuggling.

OK, I am not that bad.

Bart, meanwhile, took Krusty to the circus as a place to hide, and Krusty isn’t that kind of clown.  He’s a TV clown.  Different skill set.  And even with a new wig and nose to disguise himself, Krusty–now going as “Soggy the Clown”–joins the circus but can’t do anything right.

That different skill set thing can be a real problem.  Not everyone can recap this well.  Many people do it much better.

As it is, Krusty gets a last chance as a tightrope walker, but since he doesn’t care if he lives or dies at this point, he falls off and has a tremendous unplanned stunt that ends with him being swallowed by a lion and then coughed up in a hairball.

Could that be a metaphor for what this is?

So, now Krusty is doing well, but then he learns the circus is closing down due to lack of money.  It’s $50,000 short after a video got out (they one they sold in the gift shop).  Now, Krusty has it good.  He even has something going with what he considers a surprisingly hot bearded lady.  But he can’t let the circus he has come to love go under, and he does know where he can get $50,000 by turning himself in for the reward money.  Of course, Krusty is hated by the circus folks for all kinds of reasons that go back to before he got there.

Man, I know that feeling.  You should see Jimmy when he thinks about recapping and then realizes it would make him just like me.

We should do Lost at some point.

As it is, Krusty is acquitted because the jury believes anyone who gives Outlander a B- must be a monster.  Too bad the circus rejects him after he went to all the trouble of saving it.  He got back into his show when he saw a new recapper gave him an A.  He didn’t have to know it was Ralph Wiggum.

Wait, I don’t hand out letter grades.

Oh, Homer had meeting with the head of Disney-Google or Google-Disney or something, voiced by guest star Peter Serafinowicz.  He learned there were something like 500 scripted shows (the list showed The Simpsons) but recappers like Homer tell people which shows to skip so many shows don’t actually exist.  Heck, the USA network hadn’t existed for 20 years.  It was just a series of bus ads.  Homer did get it recorded and Lisa got it into her school paper, but then Billy Eichner took it down for being real news and not a clickbait.  So, all that happened.

And now, I am off to have an existential crisis.

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