June 15, 2024

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American Horror Story “Madness Ends”

Asylum Finale.

Well, this is over in some sort of “time is a flat circle” sort of way.

I mean, so much of this episode seems to be about flashing back to the first episode.  We see what happened to Maroon 5 guy and the ridiculously hot girl from killer Johnny’s perspective, and we see the first conversation between Lana and Sister Jude to remind us all that Lana going into Briarwood would not be a good experience for her.  And yeah, it wasn’t, but she does make something of herself as her exposes get Briarwood closed and Cardinal Tim to, um, kill himself.

Beyond that, well, she didn’t rescue Sister Jude because Kit beat her to it, and Kit was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer but then mysteriously disappeared because those aliens came back.

And then Lana shot her psycho son in the head in self-defense in a manner that was reminiscent of how she took down Thredson.

And…that’s that.  It wasn’t scary.  It was weird.  I kinda like weird.  I prefer weird.  We got Nazis, aliens, and demon nuns.  That’s just crazy.

But now it’s over, so we should maybe see what’s next…huh, something about a Coven.  That should be plenty crazy.  Heck, maybe it’ll have enough plot for 13 episodes too.