May 26, 2024

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Maniac “Furs By Sebastian”

Episode Four.

So, yeah, this series is delightfully weird.

Apparently, Pill B causes lifelike dreams and hallucinations, and due to a hardware problem in the AI, Annie and Owen share one.  They are…Bruce and Linda Marino, living in 1980s Long Island.  She’s got big hair.  He’s got a mullet.  They both apparently have three kids.  Linda is a nurse of some kind in a hospice and needs to deliver a lemur to a dead woman’s living daughter as a post-mortum peace offering from mother to daughter.  Lemurs are illegal to own, so she needs to do this quietly, especially as two guys swiped it from her when she was in the bathroom.

How Annie/Linda gets the address at the DMV by reading the reflection off a clerk’s glasses is rather smart.

Much of the rest of the episode is outright silly.  Linda is approached by a Fish and Wildlife officer.  He’s not a cop exactly, but he more or less is in terms of authority.  The guys who swiped it work at a fur store and plan to turn Wendy the Lemur into a hat.  Bruce provides cover by claiming he needs a fur for the opera.  Linda gets into the store room by reading the password off tape above the keypad.  The combo was 1-2-3-4.  Later it was 5-6-7-8.  These are not bright people.

Linda and Bruce do get caught despite Linda’s best effort to break in stealthily by tossing a brick through the window and would have gotten out of the place had one of Sebastian’s meathead sons not returned with a pizza.  The other son slept through the whole break-in on a nearby couch, and the only thing that saves Bruce and Linda is the sudden arrival of Fish and Wildlife officers, leading to a shoot-out between game wardens and criminals.

And it turns out, the lemur wasn’t a make-up gift to the woman’s daughter, but a slap to the face when it comes out dead Nan wrote a letter to her daughter telling her how much better lemurs were than actual children.

So, happy ending for this weird interlude?  Not really.  Bruce gets arrested for his role in transporting an endangered species or something, taking the fall for Linda.  But there were things bleeding through from the real world here, like Pill A and advice books written by Sally Field.

Oh, and that guy Owen keeps hallucinating, Grisson, was hanging out there too.