April 21, 2024

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Doctor Who “The Web Of Fear Part 1”

The Second Doctor. "The Web of Fear," Episode One.

So, apparently, this serial was something of a sequel to a previous serial that…Britbox did not have so I haven’t seen it.

So, yeah, Robo-Yetis.

But first…yes, Jamie gets the doors to the TARDIS closed after the way that last story ended, and that means that the Doctor, Jamie, and Victoria are free to go wherever it is the TARDIS is going next.  And yes, the Doctor does get a little miffed when Jamie suggests the TARDIS goes where it sees fit and not where the Doctor wants it to go.

As it is, they don’t go far as the TARDIS gets stuck in some kind of web.

And sure, there’s some stuff involving a Yeti coming to life, some scientists, some military folks, and a reporter, but I don’t see fit to say anything about them yet even if one of them becomes a longtime Doctor Who supporting character.  I’ll mention him later.

Anyway, the TARDIS finally comes to a stop in a London Underground station, meaning the Doctor has to explain to both his companions what an underground train is, but it seems the station is deserted.  Actually, the whole city is deserted, but especially the station, and while the time travelers do see a guy outside the locked gate, he seems to be dead and covered with a web.  The only thing to do is explore further down the tunnel after the Doctor carefully explains to Jamie what the third rail is.

Actually, they find someone coming and opt to hide.  It’s a couple soldiers laying down wire.  The Doctor gets separated from his companions, and they get caught by the soldiers.  Taken back to a base, the two opt to say they were alone rather than give the Doctor away.

But see, there’s two problems there.  The first is the Yetis are moving around, spraying stuff with a web gun.  The Doctor sees them in action, seems to recognize them (I wouldn’t know), and hides.

The other problem is the soldiers were laying down explosives to blow up the tunnels and try to slow down the webbing.  Since Jamie and Victoria didn’t mention the Doctor being down there, they figure it’s safe to blow things up.

Sure, it looks like the Doctor got blown to bits, but the Yetis already webbed those bombs, so I’m guessing we’ll have to wait a while yet before we get to the Third Doctor.