January 24, 2022

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Doctor Who “The Enemy Of The World Part 4”

The Second Doctor. "The Enemy of the World," Episode Four.

OK, so, will the Doctor actually do something about Salamander?

And how the heck can that guy produce earthquakes all the way in the far distant year of…2018!!!

OK, to answer the earthquake question first, Salamander has a secret underground base full of people who think the surface is an irradiated hellhole, and that they are fighting a war against the savages who live there.  They think Salamander is a savior who risks his own life to go up to the radiation zone, bring them food, and help them target their enemies.

Or, more accurately, Salamander’s political opponents.  Sure, Denes may not have been poisoned by an underling, but that doesn’t mean Salamander won’t find some other way to take him out.

Plus, Donald Bruce asks what Salamander was doing with Kent when Salamander wasn’t anywhere near there, and the brilliant man of evil knows that.

So, Salamander is aware that he has a double that is possibly working with Kent, and that Kent sent some spies that were conveniently arrested last episode.  Kent’s other associate, Astrid, returned to Kent to see the Doctor…still isn’t interested in impersonating Salamander.  He needs evidence.  Sure, he’s certain Salamander is just as evil as the others claim, but he wants evidence so the rest of the world knows it too.

Good news for Kent:  Fariah shows up, hating the man she tastes food for, and hands over the fake blackmail used against Denes’ assistant.

Bad news:  one of Salamander’s more ambitious toadies shows up after them, and while Astrid, Kent, and the Doctor escape, Fariah is shot and killed and the evidence recovered.

So, while the Doctor has been convinced to play Salamander’s double, he still has some doubts.  And then someone walks in on the Doctor in the make-up chair and the Doctor looks worried.  Who is this mystery man?

I don’t know.  They only showed his shoes.  My best guess is it is security chief Donald Bruce, a man who seemed to be questioning what Salamander was really up to, so while he seemed hostile at the start, maybe he isn’t,  That would be a nice change of pace.

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