December 1, 2023

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Merlin “Lancelot And Guinevere”

Series Two, Episode Four.

Hey!  Lancelot’s back!

For now.

So, while out on a pilgrimage to her father’s grave, Morgana is attacked by kidnappers.  They manage to get her and Gwen, and, well, Morgana manages to escape by claiming she needs a bath, and that provides a distraction enough for Gwen to grab a sword and allow Morgana to escape.  See, Morgana is hot and the kidnappers are stupid.

Well, not entirely.  The warlord that wanted Morgana won’t be satisfied if they come back empty-handed, and they do manage to prevent Gwen’s escape, so guess who they say is Morgana when they get back to…holy spit!  Is that Commander Mormont?  No wonder he was disgraced enough to join the Night’s Watch.

Oh, and predictably, Uther won’t pay a ransom for a servant.  Also predictably, Morgana is upset about it.  And predictably, Arthur supports his father in front of Uther before privately agreeing to go off with Merlin to save Gwen anyway.

Is Gwen in trouble?  Well, maybe.  It seems Mormont has a fighting pit, and his reigning champion is fighting some new guy…oh, it’s Lancelot!

See the first sentence of this write-up wasn’t wrong.

Oh, and when Lancelot wins, Mormont feeds the loser to a giant mole.

Arthur knows about those things.  They’re blind and rely on smell, so that’s something.

OK, bottom line:  both Lancelot and Arthur want to save Gwen because they’re both smitten with her, and Gwen seems to prefer Lancelot.  Lancelot almost got Gwen out, but both were recaptured and tossed into the mole pit.  Then Arthur and Merlin shows up, and when Mormont stupidly goes in to stop them from escaping, Merlin manages to close the gate so he could be fed to his own giant mole.

Oh, and then Lancelot disappears, vowing to step aside for Arthur because Arthur is noble and all and deserves Gwen more.

I don’t foresee there being any problems there in Series 5.