May 24, 2022

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Geek Review: Overlord

Four American soldiers are sent on a mission that leads to Nazi mad science in the middle of World War II.

It’s always safe to blow up Nazis.  They’re the ultimate evil in human form.

So, hey, here’s the new action thriller horror movie Overlord.

A group of American paratroopers are being sent on an important mission just ahead of the D-Day invasion.    Unfortunately, the plane carrying the characters we’ll be following for the movie is shot down, and only a handful of the soldiers make it to the ground.  The primary character for the movie is Pvt. Ed Boyce, known for being something of a coward who wouldn’t kill a mouse.  Boyce makes it to the ground and on to the village where the Nazis are.  The group needs to take out a radio jammer in a church tower so the Allies can provide air support to the D-Day landing.  All Boyce has with him at the start is demolitions expert Corporal Ford, motormouthed sharpshooter Tibbet, and naive photographer Chase.  But there’s a lot more going on in the church than meets the eye involving a doctor and his own experiments.

This was the sort of movie that, once it starts, doesn’t really stop.  Considering the movie is cast with mostly unknown actors (the closest here that I recognized would have to a name star is a Game of Thrones cast member as a Nazi officer), there weren’t really any slouches in the acting department given the material.  As it is, this was a smart sort of action movie, and even if it had some predictable beats in terms of who lived or died, it did everything it had to do just right.  It kept me on my toes, parceling out narrative information as needed and the action scenes were just really well done.  It may not have been a brilliant movie, but it was a good popcorn sort of movie.  8.5 out of 10 moments of disrespect to a baseball.

Seriously, this may be the closest you’ll come to a Castle Wolfenstein movie.  And it’s always good to see some cinematic Nazis get killed.

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