May 22, 2024

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Doctor Who “The Tomb Of The Cybermen Part 4”

The Second Doctor. "The Tomb of the Cybermen," Final Episode.

Well, here we are with the final episode of this serial, featuring secondary villains who are, quite frankly, idiots.

These people, Kaftan and Klieg, still believe they can work a deal with the Cybermen.  When last we left them, Klieg fired a gun he’d gotten from the weapons testing room, and we heard Jamie shout for the Doctor to look out.  That was a lie.  The Doctor wasn’t shot.  The one crewman of the rocket left behind to act as a guard was shot.  And he’ll probably live.

But that means everyone knows the idiots mean business, and because they are idiots, they demand the Cyberman Controller come up to negotiate.  That guy brings the newly enslaved Toberman with him, and because the human villains are idiots, neither notice Toberman is walking around like a robot and not speaking.  But it does seem as if Klieg’s plan might work as he gets the Controller to go think in the revitalization room with the Doctor, Jamie, and other men involved.  Victoria is held behind as a hostage because this is the 60s.  And since the revitalizer is a sarcophagus type contraption, the humans let the Controller climb inside and try to lock him in.  Jamie even ties the thing up with a rope.

The Controller simply breaks out when he’s finished.  Jamie needs rope-tying lessons.

Of course, having a remote control Toberman, you know, one who walks around stiffly with a robot arm, means he can easily be convinced to try and kill Klieg when that idiot’s guard is down.  As the Controller comes out to claim the weapon, he kills the other idiot Kaftan.

But the Doctor is not an idiot, and he can use Kaftan’s death to remind Toberman what it means to be human and get the big guy to wrestle the Controller off-screen, then walk back in and toss a now obvious fake across the room into a control panel, seemingly killing the Controller.  Now, the other Cybermen are presumably going to sleep down below, so the Doctor and Toberman go down to check, and Jamie follows because he’s that kind of loyal friend.  And it does seem like the Cybermen are going to sleep, and that would be a good thing…except Klieg isn’t dead, he got the ray gun back, and–remember, he is an idiot–he still thinks he can negotiate with the Cybermen because without the Controller they need a new leader.

Bonus points to the Doctor for buttering up Klieg enough to get him to rant about smart he is, only for the Doctor to say Klieg just proved himself a mad man.

But then there’s a big question mark going for Victoria, who suggests the returned rocket ship captain is a coward for his saying he doesn’t want to have to go back into the Cybermen’s tomb again.  Dude, he went down once, Victoria.  You’ve never gone down there.  Don’t question the guy who saved most of the men before.

So, how does this all end?  Well, Klieg had woken up the Cybermen and one of them killed him, so we’re out of idiots now.  Toberman manages to open up the radiator on that Cyberman’s chest compartment and let it ooze out soap suds, the Doctor and Jamie fixed the panel, the other Cybermen froze over, and everyone got the heck out of there.  Then the Doctor set more booby traps up above to prevent anyone else from opening the tomb up, but the Controller wasn’t dead yet and attacks again.  Toberman ends up sacrificing himself closing the doors of the tomb, completing the circuit that shot the doors through with high voltage, taking out the Controller on the other side as well.  The rocket was repaired at some point, so the Doctor and his companions wish the others a good journey and prepare to leave on the TARDIS.

Jamie wonders if that’s the last we’ll ever see of the Cybermen.  The Doctor initially thinks so, but then decides he doesn’t like predicting the future.

That’s probably a good thing since a lone Cybermat was headed towards Toberman’s corpse…