February 27, 2024

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American Horror Story “Spilt Milk”

Asylum, Episode Eleven.

Ok, so, we’re done with the demonic nuns, Nazis, Frankenstein-ish monsters, and somehow we still have three episodes left?

Well, maybe the Bloody Face plot will run for the last three episodes.

The Bloody Face plot will not run for the last three episodes.

Yeah, we’re stuck with an inferior sequel, but that’s that.  Johnny’s in the present hiring and killing lactating prostitutes because this is American Horror Story and of course he is.

But yeah, back in 1964 or so, Dr. Thredson doesn’t last much longer.  Sister Jude got the Mother Superior to hustle Lana out with all her documents in order to, among other things, bring the asylum down.  Lana even gets Thredson’s confession, and then when she goes to confront him one last time, she makes sure she has a gun, and a good thing too, because he tries to shoot her and she’s a little faster just before the cops show up.

That means Kit can get out, and it means he can get Grace out despite her being an axe murderer because Arden filed a death certificate for Grace and you can’t hold a dead woman like that.  Kit is a stand-up guy who wants to watch out for his new son Thomas, and then he takes Grace home only to find…Alma is there with another baby.

Grace though she saw Alma dead on the alien craft…

Yeah, the aliens are still a thing.

But it looks like Monsignor Tim got the idea of declaring a living person dead from Kit and declares Sister Jude dead to keep his reputation intact.  The Mother Superior was transferred to Puerto Rico too.  He’s a lousy priest.  Jude is just tossed into a really deep hole from the looks of thing.

And then Lana has the baby in part due to changing her mind at the last minute about an abortion, but because the little bugger is allergic to formula, she has to nurse him despite not wanting to even see the child.

So, yeah, milk and mommy issues.

Two more episodes of this?  Really?