Watson Reviews: The Grinch (Spoiler Free)

I’m not a huge fan of the Grinch. In fact, I never really LOVED Dr Seuss altogether.

But with the holidays always sneaking up on me, I took a pre-emptive strike and started things a little early this year.

So here we are…


The original book has been around so long that I think it was considered by the Council of Nicea for inclusion in the Old Testament.

Instead, it became a staple of the Western Civilization childhood memories and was adapted for the screen a couple of times before: once as a classic TV cartoon and again in the early 2000s as a Jim Carrey live action film.

As always, the angry green monster, charged with gamma radiation, destroys cities to quench his rage, but eventually gains control and joins the Avengers.

Wait…that’s the Hulk.

This Grinch guy just likes to shit on Christmas.


  • The animation is gorgeous! It was essentially a 90 minute Christmas light show. The graphics are so amazing and the colors are so vibrant that even without sound, it’s a spectacle.
  • There is an interesting take on Whoville. The town seems more modern and less folksy. The folksy elements are still there but Cindy seems more like a modern Disney Channel kid than the classic (creepy) version. Plus she is being raised by a single mom; who pop up ads on the internet telling us she might live in your neighborhood.
  • The kiddies will love it. There was an unplanned soundtrack of little kids in the theater squealing and laughing with delight. The little kids clearly ADORE this movie. That actually really enhanced the movie a bit.


  • No one but the kiddies will love it. It’s not one of those Pixar films where there are moments for the kids and then humor and drama the parents will love. This is a giggling kid movie only.
  • The Grinch was miscast. Benedict Cumberbatch was not great. I feel like I’ve bagged on him a lot lately, given my dislike of Dr Strange, but I swear I like him. Just not in this. He was so bland that the transformation of his heart size seemed very forced.
  • It really added nothing new. Maybe it’s not supposed to but it felt like this film existed simply to show some cool animation and pad a schedule.

    Hmm. That last photo might be from the wrong Grinch movie. The kids wouldn’t be laughing at that one.

    But the adults would probably be more entertained. As it was, this version of The Grinch is a little limp.

    Overall, I give The Grinch a score of 6.5 “Whoville Single Moms out of 10.

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