June 12, 2024

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Tom’s Birthday Week Comic Review: East Of West Volume 6

Death searches for his son and the Chosen have a final meeting before the Apocalypse as the Image series continues.

East of West is a story about the end times in an alternate America where a prophesy called The Message was passed down through multiple parties in the many nations that the United States split into.  One of the Four Horsemen, Death, fell in love with the daughter of the current Mao, ruler of the Communist Chinese faction that lives on the West Coast, and he rebelled against the other three, but they turned on him, and now Death just wants revenge.

Yeah, this Image series is pretty weird.  I love it.

Volume Six ends with the note that this is the end of Year Two of the Apocalypse, and if the text inside is to be believed, this is the second to last year before the End Times.  That means if Death is going to find his lost son Babylon and reunite with his wife, he’ll need to do it soon.  The problem there is bounty hunters are after his boy, the artificial intelligence leading the kid everywhere is leading him down a dark path, and Death isn’t even sure where the boy he’s never met actually is.

Meanwhile, the various factions that make up the Chosen meet the Prophet to receive marching orders they may or may not even want to follow considering some of the Chosen at some point either lost faith in the Message, never had faith in the Message, don’t really want to follow a religious fanatic, owe things to other people in the meeting they don’t want to pay, or may not want the world to end after all.

And there seems to be an army there.

East of West, like a lot of Jonathan Hickman’s work, isn’t a series to sit still.  It’s not an easy series to describe on its own, as seen at the top of this review, but it moves and it is going somewhere.  What genre is it?  Perhaps it’s best to call it a Pre-Apocalyptic Western since, you know, it’s set before an Apocalypse and is some kind of futuristic Western.  It’s just such an odd, fun series, and combining all that with artist Nick Dragotta’s exaggerated artwork may make this the most interesting End Times ever.  9 out of 10 deadly pet pigs.