December 1, 2023

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Merlin “The Nightmare Begins”

Series Two, Episode Three.

So, let’s talk about Morgana.

As anyone who knows anything about Arthurian Legend knows, Morgana is an important figure as one of Arthur’s great enemies, the sister that, in the old legends, somehow conceived a child with her brother that grew up to become Mordred, and the two would go on to bring down Camelot.

But for this series, well, she likes Mordred when he shows up, and she’s Uther’s ward and not actually related to Arthur at all and…that’s about it actually.  She doesn’t seem to do much all told but be a moral voice for whatever is happening.

Well, that’s not entirely true.  She’s also having those dreams that make her wake up suddenly and run around the castle looking disheveled and crazy.

Well, she also starts fires in her sleep.  Uther suspects magic because Uther always suspects magic,  He’s right, of course.  He just doesn’t know it’s coming from Morgana.

Merlin, now, he wants to help his friend, and even if he does so in a way that makes Arthur think he has a thing for Morgana, Merlin figures the Druids can help out, but both the Great Cartoon Dragon and Gaius tell Merlin that’s a really bad idea, especially as Uther is rounding up all the usual suspects.  But Merlin helps Morgana slip out, and there aren’t any problems there.

Except, you know, Uther assumes Morgana was kidnapped by the Druids.  And he sends Arthur off to take them out.  Merlin does help, but he does so without helping, Mordred comes back and tosses a bunch of guys around by screaming (seriously), and Morgana is returned, wiser in what she can do, and the Dragon’s prediction that she’ll bring the kingdom down comes that much closer.

Oh Merlin…

At least the Druids explained Uther has fear in his heart and that’s where his anti-magic views come from.  That makes sense.