November 29, 2023

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Doctor Who “The Tomb Of The Cybermen Part 2”

The Second Doctor. "The Tomb of the Cybermen," Episode Two.

Well, some people think you can make a deal with anything.  Those people are often wrong.

So, first, yeah, Jamie’s new friend was killed, but the good news is that Cyberman that popped out wasn’t a real Cyberman.  He was a dummy set up to test weapons, and since the Doctor figured that out, well, no harm done.

Well, except when Victoria picks up what she figures is a cute, little Cybermat that is just sitting there.

But then the devious scientists funding everything figure out how to open up the hatch down to the actual tomb…and not a moment too soon, since the rocket’s captain comes back to announce that someone sabotaged the ship.  No one is going anywhere for at least three days.

Well, the Doctor and his people could leave any time on the TARDIS, but that would be irresponsible.

Anyhoo, Klieg and Kaftan are plotting over something, and Kaftan decides to stay behind with her big, musclar, strutting manservant Toberman.  But when the Doctor says he’ll stay if Toberman stays, Kaftan changes her mind.

Then she drugs Victoria and closes the hatch.

Meanwhile, Klieg kills another guy, possibly because the other guy was another middle-aged bald man that looked too much like him.  And then he wakes up the Cybermen, all according to the plan he and Kaftan came up with.  Why?  They want to gain power from the Cybermen.

Bad news for Klieg:  the Cybermen don’t share.  Their Controller says as much.  I assume.  He has a funny voice I couldn’t understand very well.  He also has an extra large head so he’s easy to tell apart from the others.

Oh, and when Victoria wakes up, the Cybermat attacks Kaftan and maybe knocks her out.  Victoria breaks the little thing by throwing it across the room.

But man, Cybermen.  Why do these people the Doctor keeps meeting think they can make deals with evil creatures?