February 27, 2024

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American Horror Story “The Name Game”

Asylum, Episode Ten.

OK, hold on.  We’ve got something like three episodes to go, and a lot of stuff seems to get wrapped up in this episode.

And it looks like we’ll have no more Psycho Santa.  Bummer.

What makes the ASYLUM, a place that doesn’t have the same pep to its name like MURDER HOUSE when I write it in all caps, is that there is a heck of a lot of stuff happening here, and it’s all so crazy that it’s either going to be entertaining or you are going to start questioning your life choices for even tuning in in the first place.

This is a season of television that attempted to tell a scary story involving Nazi scientists, Frankenstein-ish monsters created by said scientist, demonically possessed nuns, aliens, a serial killer wearing a human skin mask, and put it all in a corrupt insane asylum.  And quite frankly, the serial killer is the least interesting and colorful thing that happened.

And then we get to here and we see a lot of that has been disposed of alongside Sister Jude’s sanity.

Yeah, it seems if you give someone enough electro-shock, you can make them legitimately crazy as Sister Jude imagines an elaborate, colorful song-and-dance moment set to the Name Game song, as sung by Jessica Lange.  Did we need to see the entire song played out?  Probably not.  Did we see it anyway?  Yes, yes we did.

No one should ever accuse American Horror Story of showing anything like restraint.

But yeah, we find out the aliens–through Pepper–are protecting Grace from Arden, and that they aren’t impressed by him at all.  That makes him feel bad.

So much so that, after catching the possessed Sister Mary more or less raping the horribly injured Father Tim, he goes off and…kills off the monsters in the forest he created and then proved too wimpy to finish himself off.  Or something.

But then, after a tip from the Angel of Death, Father Tim pushes a temporarily herself Sister Mary from a high balcony, killing her and removing the demon problem.

And then Arden opts to cremate the body, which includes riding it onto the conveyor belt to his own death.

So, no more demon nuns, no more Nazis, no more monsters in the woods, and since Grace gave birth to a boy, we may not even see the aliens again.

That leaves us with Lana and Thredson.  She hid the tapes Kit made when he was pushed into revealing where they were if he wanted to see Grace and his new son.

And, yeah, I don’t much care what happens with Bloody Face.  That’s a heck of a lot more pedestrian than everything else that was going on at Briarcliff.

And we have three more episodes of this?