July 18, 2024

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Doctor Who “The Power Of The Daleks Part 4”

The Second Doctor. "The Power of the Daleks," Episode Four.

So, apparently, you can only run around in a silly hat with a purloined badge for so long before the gig is up.

Yes, the Doctor and Ben are caught listening to a meeting of the rebels.  And the thing that gets them in real trouble is they recognize the rebel leader as recently promoted Lt. Governor Bragen.

Methinks this guy isn’t out to bring freedom and reform to the Vulcan colony for some reason.  Call it a hunch.

That hunch is pretty strong since it involves an armed Dalek shooing a hole through a metal plate as proof of its power.  And it also comes from knowing Bragen killed the real examiner and since he knows that and knows Bragen has more credibility with the governor, the Doctor can’t do anything about that.

So, Ben and the Doctor are put into separate cells.  The Doctor actually sees Quinn there, AKA the honest guy Bragen framed for bad things to get Quinn’s job and be next in line for the governorship.

See, I still have this hunch Bragen is not on the up and up.

Now, the Doctor does somehow use his recorder to open the cell doors, so there’s some hope, and he knows the Daleks get their power from electromagnetic energy through metal, so they must have some way of getting power.

Plus, there seems to be more of them.

Yes, Lesterson the scientist only found three deactivated Daleks and assumed they were machines.  But then the Doctor and Ben saw one Dalek serving drinks while three more roamed the corridor.  That means there are…wait..four Daleks?!?  That can’t be good.

Now, Lesterson might be able to do something about all this were it not for a few things.  For starters, he finds out the assistant that the Dalek shot wasn’t stunned.  Nope.  He was dead.  He doesn’t take that well.

Then the Doctor tells him there are now four, and he doesn’t take that well either.

Then he sneaks into the Daleks’ capsule and sees a Dalek assembly line, including scooping the fleshy organic parts out of a tank, and that means there are a whole lot of Daleks.

I kinda wish I could have seen that sequence in live action form.

Moot point, there are a lot of Daleks.

This could get bad.