July 16, 2024

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Doctor Who “The Power Of The Daleks Part 3”

The Second Doctor. "The Power of the Daleks," Episode Three.

There’s something about this animation that someone whipped up to go with the old show’s original audio that reminds me a bit of Archer.

Archer‘s a lot funnier, though.

So, here’s a question:  how do you convince some administrator types that the seemingly-friendly and obedient robotic things are, in fact, genocidal aliens hellbent on doing nothing but evil when you are dressed like a disheveled clown?   That’s the problem the Doctor faces, and since there are three more episodes left to this serial, well, he won’t be all that successful just yet.

As such, that means he goes back to his room with Ben and Polly, and after a while, Polly goes off to look around, convinced that the governor’s assistant Quinn is being set up for crimes he didn’t commit.

She’s actually right about that.  Token bad guy Bragen frames Quinn for stuff the rebels (of course there are rebels) might be up to, which causes the governor to fire the innocent Quinn, next in line to become the governor of the Vulcan colony, and replaces him with Bragen.

That’s, uh, not a good idea, Mr. Governor.

So, what effect does having Daleks in the station have?

Well, the rebels–a group that includes Lesterson’s two assistants–think the Dalek gun arm will make a great weapon to bring down the tyrannical (I guess) government of Vulcan.  Plus, they kidnapped Polly, so you know they aren’t good people.

Meanwhile, Lesterson is convinced by his own Dalek that the Daleks can make a meteor detector more accurate with the right materials.  Those materials include a power supply.  I think I know where this one is going.

But hey, if Polly disappears, won’t the Doctor notice?

Um, maybe.  Ben does.  He’s worried.  The Doctor just wants to do as he promised in the governor’s office and stop the Daleks.  As the pair wander around the colony, one looking to find Polly and the other to stop the Daleks, they meet Bragen.  Bragen knows the Doctor is not the real examiner.  And how does he know this?  The Doctor figures it’s because Bragen is the man who killed the real examiner.  And, unfortunately, as one is a murderer and the other a fraud, neither are really in a position to report the other.

What we can see is that the Doctor learns too late that the other two Daleks from that capsule have been woken up…