December 5, 2022

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The Handmaid’s Tale “The Word”

Season Two Finale.

So, Serena Joy may have done something to finally make one last stab of making her a sympathetic character.

But nah, I still don’t think so.

Again, it doesn’t matter that much what Serena Joy does.  She helped create this hellhole.  Just because she’s now regretting every second of it, just because she makes a stab at improving the lives of young women in her country by following Eden’s example and learning to read just so girls can actually read the Bible doesn’t count for much if Wimpy Fred lets her get a finger chopped off.

And letting Offred and Emily attempt to sneak Holly out of Gilead doesn’t accomplish that either.  And not just because Offred stays.  Serena knew for a long time this whole plan was not good for women (and a hell of a lot of other people) and it isn’t until she herself realizes how much she lost that she cares to do anything about it.

And then we get back to her husband, to be henceforth called Wimpy Fred.  Everyone slaps this guy around.  Literally in the case of Offred.  Rita is working against him.  Nick holds him at gunpoint to allow Offred to escape with Holly.  And Serena lets the handmaid run away

Does that mean Offred goes back to the Waterfords after she declines her ride to freedom, presumably to rescue Hannah first?  She did make sure the new baby got out with Emily and the name Serena gave her.

Why is Emily getting out?  She gave the show its most satisfying beat down by really laying into Aunt Lydia.  I want Lydia to live because I still want her backstory, but man, did that woman deserve it.  And then Commander Lawrence, who already seemed to hate the society he built, helped her get out and didn’t seem to care how much trouble he’s in.

So, here we are.  Will I continue with this show when it comes back again?  Probably.  But it sure is a sad, frustrating show by design.  If it sticks the landing, then when it does end if Offred gets her freedom, it’ll probably be a hell of a thing.

But now I need something new for Mondays.  How about that Netflix mini-series Maniac?  I know absolutely nothing about it beyond the main stars and the director.

What could go wrong there?

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