May 26, 2024

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American Horror Story “Unholy Night”

Asylum, Episode Eight.

Holy spit!  Why didn’t someone tell me Ian McShane played a psychotic killer in a Santa Claus suit on this show?  I would have tuned in sooner!

And yeah, the character has a real name, but I’m gonna call him Psycho Santa.

Yes, Psycho Santa!  He killed something like 18 people around Christmas in 1962, starting with the guy in the Santa suit!

And then in 1963, he ripped a chunk of meat out of the face of an orderly at Briarcliff.

And since he’s Ian McShane, he’s awesomely entertaining.

But see, in the wake of Grace’s death, Arden sees a guard feeling guilty over his role in her death, so he tells the devil in Sister Mary.  That would be the person running the asylum’s first Christmas celebration since 1963.

A devil is hosting a Christmas party.

In an asylum.

While letting Psycho Santa out of his cell to remove some problematic elements.

This show is insane.

By the by, it doesn’t really work as planned.  Sister Jude and Dr. Arden team up to try and bring down Sister Mary, who’s overall actual purity protects the devil from all the holy symbols around the asylum.  I don’t think that sort of thing works that way.

But for a show like this, who cares?

Anyway, while Lana goes to Kit to try and prove Thredson (who found Lana back in the asylum) is actually a serial killer, and there’s some stuff involving knocking Thredson out, but he already destroyed the evidence that would exonerate Kit because he’s a bastard and this is a very long sentence.

But anyhoo, Psycho Santa doesn’t kill the guard.  Sister Mary does.  Psycho Santa also doesn’t kill his second target, Sister Jude.  She manages to stop him with a letter opener, the sort that means we won’t see Psycho Santa again.  Bummer.

Oh, and then aliens seem to take Grace’s body from right in front of Dr. Arden.

Because we still need the freakin’ aliens on a show with a demonically possessed nun and a Psycho Santa.