May 26, 2024

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The Handmaid’s Tale “Postpartum”

Season Two, Episode Twelve.

You guys are still trying to make me feel bad for Serena Joy.  It still isn’t working.

OK, so, Offred isn’t quite back with the Waterfords.  She’s got the whole breast pump thing going, but she doesn’t produce much since she isn’t allowed to see the baby.  After some scheming from Aunt Lydia and Commander Fred, she’s allowed to return but still can’t see Baby Holly or Nicole (the name depends on whom you ask), but there is one person in the house that both Serena and Offred seem to like, and that’s Nick’s wife Eden.  Eden is in love with another Guardian, and Nick doesn’t seem to care.

So, after Offred says you should look for happiness and love wherever you can find it in the awful place that is Gilead, Eden runs off with the other guy.

Yeah, that won’t work.

But in the meantime, quick update on Emily:  she’s been reassigned to a Commander Lawrence, the guy who designed Gilead’s economy.  Lawrence’s Martha is sassy and swears, Lawrence is a crank, the house is a mess, and his wife seems to be nuts.  Oh, and he apparently designed the Colonies and knows all about Emily already.  We’ll see where this goes later.

But back at the Waterfords’ place, we see Eden and her new lover have been caught.  And tried.  And convicted.  They can confess or die.  Nick and Eden do a dual apology thing privately, but publicly Eden instead recites romantic Bible verses.  So, the pair are dropped into a pool while weighed down.  Both drown.

And this, somehow, brings Serena Joy and Offred to some kind of agreement.

I still don’t feel bad for Serena Joy.