September 30, 2023

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Slightly Misplaced Comic Book Heroes Case File #194: Grace Choi

This is a different Grace from last week.

So, yeah, I covered a forgotten heroine named Grace last week.

But it looks like Grace is a popular name for a superheroine, so here’s another one.  This one comes from DC Comics, and I don’t think she’s been seen at all since Flashpoint.

So, who is this Grace Choi?  For starters, she was a young woman of Asian descent with a few Pacific Islander tattoos who absolutely did not care to have either a superhero codename or costume. As such, she went by her real name and wore what was probably her best club gear of combat boots, a bright red half-shirt, and baggy camo pants.  Given her height, for all I know the half-shirt wasn’t meant to be a half-shirt, but there ya go.

In terms of powers, Grace was really strong, really hard to hurt, and if she get hurt, she could heal.  She was something of a brawler type who was actually hired by Roy “Arsenal” Harper to join his new Outsiders team, paying her three times the rate she made as a bouncer at a Metropolis nightclub.  Roy had apparently known her for quite some time, though later the reader learned she had been forced into prostitution as a child until her powers kicked in, allowing her to escape.

Oh, and Grace was gay.  She had a romantic relationship with her teammate Thunder, one of Black Lightning’s daughters.

Grace was at one point kidnapped by the Brotherhood of Evil, and the Brain and Mallah seemed to know there was something up with Grace.  Namely, she was more than most of her kind.  What kind was she?  Well, she was eventually revealed to be at least half-Amazon from an Amazon off-shoot tribe.

What happened to Grace?  Well, it looks like the New 52 did, when her whole Outsiders team was more or less forgotten.  Though she isn’t completely gone.  The CW’s Black Lightning series does feature the character’s two metahuman daughters, and the older one, Thunder, does have a girlfriend named Grace who has appeared in a few episodes.

Will this Grace reveal massive strength and resistance to injury?  Well, maybe, but so far, no such luck.