June 19, 2024

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Merlin “Le Morte D’Arthur”

Series One Finale.

I think the Pendragons need a new strategy when dealing with, oh, anything mysterious.

Why do I say that?  Because the current strategy seems to be “KILL IT!” when they find something strange and magical.

Yes, Arthur and Merlin are out hunting again when some giant lizard thing jumps out and scares everyone away, but not before eating one knight who was a little slower than the others.

It’s the Questing Beast, and that thing never stands for anything normal.  Something big will happen.  The last time anyone saw it, Arthur was born and his mother died.

Yeah, Uther wants that thing dead, even though Gaius is quick to point out that the Questing Beast’s bite is always incurable and fatal.

And yeah, Arthur decides to go kill it.

Good news!  The Beast dies!

Bad news!  It bites Arthur first, just as Morgana’s freaky dreams predicted.  Merlin uses the old “magical levitating sword trick” to kill it.

Will Arthur die, and with it Merlin’s destiny?  The Great Dragon has a plan to save Arthur, one that involves going to the Isle of the Blessed to find power from the Old Religion that fuels both Merlin’s powers and the Beast’s, um, beastiness.

So, off Merlin goes as Arthur slowly dies and everyone back in Camelot feels bad.  See, the way to save Arthur is to trade a life for a life, and Merlin will give up his for the guy who was a total dink just as the series started.  And yeah, the Isle with its self-rowing boats has a cure of water from the Cup of Life as offered by Series One villain Nimueh.  Will Merlin trade a life for Arthur’s?  Yes, he will.

Too bad Nimueh doesn’t want Merlin’s life.

No, instead, Merlin’s mother starts dying, and now Merlin finds out the Dragon doesn’t care about Merlin or his family so much as bringing magic back and letting him out of prison.

Maybe shouldn’t say that stuff out loud, Great Cartoon Dragon…

As it is, Merlin doesn’t need to save his mother because Gaius headed out to do it himself, and Nimueh has a history with that guy, so she’s more than happy to kill the old man.

Then Merlin shows up and after getting slapped around, summons a few bolts of lightning to take out Nimueh.

Say, killing Nimueh means Gaius, Mama Merlin, and Arthur all get to live.

But Morgana is still having bad dreams.

And the Dragon is really, really mad…