July 20, 2024

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Simpsons Did It!: “My Way Or The Highway To Heaven”

In which God and St. Peter discuss who should get into Heaven. No, seriously.

Wow.  Only three episodes into season thirty, and already we have an anthology show.  That’s not a good sign.

Also, it was co-written by Dan Castellaneta and his wife Deb Lacusta, and I pretty much never like their episodes.

Well, what’s the overarching concept to this one…wait, for real?

God and St. Peter are trying to decide who can get into Heaven since it seems to be mostly old ladies and the Promise Keepers.  The latter are still trying to convert people to Christianity and God finds them creepy.

This episode just seems weird, and it started off so promisingly with a couch gag where Homer ends up inside the restaurant to witness the horror that is the opening credits to Bob’s Burgers only to have the Belchers watch a scared Homer run around the place and feel bad for him.  I could have watched that for 22 minutes.  That was fun.

But nooooooo, we have to see cartoon versions of spiritual journeys.

Anyway, God and St. Peter are watching TV, specifically a Sunday school class, where three people tell stories of people finding enlightenment.  Ned Flanders talks about how he found Jesus by stopping a juvenile Homer from getting electrocuted to death on a trampoline, which seems silly, and he got a scar on his upper lip and that’s why he has a mustache.  But didn’t Ned once shave it off and get cast in a commercial?  Anyway, that was that.

So, yeah, Flanders can go to Heaven, but Tracy Morgan and Jon Lovitz seem to be already there voicing themselves, though at least Morgan goes back to Earth when he remembers he’s still alive.

Then Marge talks about her French atheist grandmother who helped the French Resistance during World War II.  Nice touch:  making Grampa a young man instead of using Homer as an American GI. Weird touch:  French Moe was her husband.  Final thought:  what did any of that have to do with being an atheist?

Oh, God was annoyed because French Marge blamed Him for not preventing World War II and He wanted to know why He never got credit for all the much, much worse wars he actually did prevent.

And finally, Lisa talked about Buddhism through the tale of enlightenment-seeking princess Sidmartha (also Lisa).

Why is a Christian Sunday school allowing talks of atheism and Buddhism?

Anyway, God decides to just let all the good people in regardless of creed, and then Heaven is crowded.

How did Mr. Burns get there?  He was Smithers’s “plus one”.  And when he demands to be judged by his own merits, he goes right to Hell.

Don’t worry.  Smithers went to go get him.

Can we have a less baffling episode now?