February 27, 2024

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American Horror Story “Dark Cousins”

Asylum, Episode Seven.

Hey!  It’s Frances Conroy!  I will never object to seeing her in stuff!

Who is she playing?  Uh, the Angel of Death.  She’s dressed all in black like a woman in mourning and she seems nice.

You know, for death.

So, who is Death here for?

First, she tries Grace.  Grace is bleeding below the waste for some reason.  Sister Mary–you know, the one possessed by a demon–blames Arden for a botched sterilization.  Arden claims ignorance, and that gets him smacked around by demonic power.  As such, Arden goes off to save Grace because his professional reputation is at stake.  Besides, Grace declined the Angel’s kiss.

Next up, we have an inmate named Miles.  He’s suicidal, slices his wrists on a band saw, and writes the Angel’s name in Aramaic with his own blood.  Sure, they give him some stitches, but he pulled them out because no one really restrained him very well.  That brings in the Angel…and Sister Mary.  And the Angel…recognizes the thing inside Sister Mary.


Anyhoo, the Angel offers her kiss to Lana.  Lana declines even though Thredson seems to be having sex with her.  Is it rape?  Probably.  But Lana busts Thredson over the head, runs for it, hails down a car, gets in, and finds the driver is a man with a mad on for women because he caught his wife cheating on him.  Unfortunately, the driver pulls a gun.  Fortunately, he shoots himself instead of Lana.  Unfortunately, the car crashes and Lana wakes up back in Briarcliff.  Fortunately, Lana tells Sister Mary what happened and Sister Mary believes her.  Unfortunately, Sister Mary is still possessed and leaving Thredson running around as Bloody Face was not only something the demon already knew, but she sure likes the sound of it.

Bottom line is, Lana is locked up and not getting out.

Finally, we flash over to Sister Jude, seeing her Nazi hunter die and seeing the Angel.  And, it seems, Sister Jude and the Angel kinda know each other.  They have a chat.  Sister Jude decides to confess her hit-and-run that killed a little girl years earlier…only to learn the girl didn’t die and her parents forgave the unknown person who hit their kid.


Oh, and Kit escaped from custody and went back to Briarcliff to rescue Grace.  He fights and seems to kill one of the mystery monsters outside and gets caught, but then Grace accepts the Angel’s kiss.

Is she dead now?  I don’t know.