May 20, 2024

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The Handmaid’s Tale “Holly”

Season Two, Episode Eleven.

Good news, everyone!  Oprah got out of Gilead at time!

Does that make anyone feel better?

Yes, Offred, still very pregnant, is alone in that abandoned house, and she does find a really nice car in the garage.  Starting the engine starts the radio, and there’s Oprah’s voice coming out as the news from America, where we hear there are sanctions and protests and things going against Gilead.  So, that could make everyone feel better if this were the type of show that ever made people feel better.

Yeah, see, Offred is in hiding, and she can’t go too far.  It’s winter.  There’s a wolf outside, so even if it wasn’t cold, walking is a bad idea.  The ice and snow has the garage frozen shut so Offred can’t take the car anywhere anyway.  So, what can she do?

For starters, she can hide when Commander Fred and Serena Joy show up looking for her.  They’re arguing, and yeah, Fred the Weenie is blaming Serena for the idea of raping Offred.




Quite frankly, Offed would be completely justified shooting the two of them with the shotgun she found.

Fortunately for them, she had a change of heart.  All Serena wants is a baby…even if she has to take someone else’s baby.  These two are the worst.

At any rate, after they leave, and after some flashbacks to Offred’s time as June and some Hannah-related stuff, she finds herself stuck there, feels labor starting, and opts to go for help, more or less.  She fires the gun a few times into the air, goes inside, has a baby girl she names Holly, and then a car pulls up.

Probably not the sort of people she wants to pick her up, but again, this is not a show to make you feel better about, oh, everything.