Comic Review: Star Wars Volume 4

Every so often, I check in on writer Jason Aaron’s Star Wars series from Marvel.

Volume 4, subtitled Last Flight of the Harbinger, shows why that is generally a good decision.

After a brief check-in with Obi-Wan Kenobi’s journals, detailing a run-in in the past with a viscous Wookiee bounty hunter familiar to anyone who reads Marvel’s Star Wars series, we get to the meat of the story.  The Empire has put a blockade around a planet friendly to the Rebellion.  The people are starving, the Rebel leaders are looking for a way to help them.  But then Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia have a rather audacious idea:  steal a Star Destroyer to run the blockade.  The plan just to take one of the Empire’s massive warships is crazy enough.

But then there’s a wrinkle.  The elite Stormtroopers of Scar Squadron show up.  These guys specialize in taking down Rebels hard.  And their current leader, Sergeant Kreel, has a pretty good reason to support the Empire.

This one here is a just a slam-bang adventure story.  Scar Squadron makes for a formidable new set of enemies, a group whose specialty is taking down the sorts of characters the series heroes happen to be. It fits in nicely between movies, and even if that means Aaron can’t exactly have carte blanche to develop the characters as he might like, it does mean he can do more with new characters of his own creation.  And that works out well between Sana Solo and Sergeant Kreel, both of whom make great additions to the Star Wars  saga.  9 out of 10 missing repair crews.

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