February 24, 2024

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Podcast Reaction: More Mail Edition

The Geeks answer more unanswerable questions. But if they answer them, they aren't unanswerable, are they? What a silly cliche...

This week on the podcast, the Geeks finished some of the questions from last week.

I suppose I should try and answer those myself.

Watson’s ideal superheroine to hold on to.

You know, Watson said something nice about some of my work here, so I’m not going to make anymore Watson jokes this week.

So, the Geeks talked about the Captain Marvel trailer, and it did look nifty, but I’m going to see that movie anyway, and I don’t like to talk about commercials which is all a trailer actually is.  I’ll have plenty to say about the movie when it comes out.

And I don’t much care what is or is not eligible for any awards, so yeah.

But let’s look at the questions.

Which superheroine would I want to see more of?  Well, Captain Marvel was an alcoholic during her Warbird period, the Scarlet Witch’s powers and sanity have always been inconsistent, and Wonder Woman has, on occasion, but an actual goddess.  I’m not sure what my answer is, but the question inspired me to write up the next Misplaced Hero column, so wait for that one, Jenny.

But should Harry Potter have ended up with Hermione?  I have no problem with Ron and Hermione ending up together.  But then we have Ginny and Harry…

See, Neville and Luna are a good combo, but Ginny and Harry?  I have two issues with that.  First, I don’t know if a celebrity marrying a huge fan is ever a good idea.  Second, the Weasleys were like a second family to Harry.  Doesn’t that make Ginny more like a kid sister than a love interest?

Just sayin’.